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The scattered islands of this archipelago, with their uninviting terrain of barren hills and damp fungal groves, seem inhospitable at first glance. Yet, the Isles serve as the isolated heartland of the reclusive Great House Telvanni. The twisted sprawl of Port Telvannis serves as the House’s capital, and several other towns and plantations populate the surrounding islands. — Tamriel Rebuilt
Telvanni Isles Weather Table
Clear 5% Thunder 10%
Cloudy 25% Foggy 10%
Ash 0% Blight 0%
Overcast 25% Rain 25%
Snow 0% Blizzard 0%
Telvanni Isles
Map of the Telvanni Isles region

The Telvanni Isles are the northeasternmost islands in Tamriel, located in the Telvannis District of Morrowind. As the name suggests, they are controlled by House Telvanni. The isles are home to the great sadrith fungi out of which Telvanni construct their towers.

The region's largest settlement is Port Telvannis. The isles border the Padomaic Ocean region to the south (though the ocean in fact surrounds all of the east and north as well), the Sea of Ghosts to the northwest, and Boethiah's Spine and Molagreahd across a narrow channel to the southwest.


There are four main islands in the archipelago:


A list of places found in the Telvanni Isles region:


Metropolises (Tier I)[edit]

  • Port Telvannis — The huge capital city of Great House Telvanni, on a large island off the eastern coast of the mainland.

Cities (Tier II)[edit]

Villages (Tier IV)[edit]

Hamlets (Tier VI)[edit]


  • Assarhun — A medium-sized cave east of Port Telvannis in the Telvanni Isles containing animals.
  • Bal Daelkhun — A medium-sized cave in the Telvanni Isles containing undead.
  • Kili Dalder — A medium-sized, partially-submerged cave in the Telvanni Isles containing animals.
  • Ravalas Cavern — A medium-sized cave in the Telvanni Isles where a deal is going down...
  • Siridunbal — A medium-sized cave in the Telvanni Isles containing undead.
  • Tristin — A small smugglers' den near Port Telvannis containing smugglers.

Daedric Ruins[edit]

Dwemer Ruins[edit]

  • Bthzundcheft — A large Dwemer Ruin in danger of complete destruction by the local vegetation.





Related Quests[edit]

A list of quests involving the Telvanni Isles region.

Faction Quests[edit]

Tribunal Temple:

Miscellaneous Quests[edit]


Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Kalort Male Redguard Smuggler 6 83 68 0 100 Bthzundcheft (38,15)
Olivie Arche Female Breton Slave 4 55 104 0 30 Telvanni Isles (38,17) Features in the quest Woebringer
Sjard Male Nord Barbarian 9 113 72 30 30 Telvanni Isles (40,19) Starts the quest Woebringer
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