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Tel Mothrivra
Added by: Tamriel Rebuilt
Alignment: House Telvanni
Region: Boethiah's Spine

Almsivi Intervention:

Divine Intervention:

River Strider

TR3-banner-Tel Mothriva.png
Tel Mothrivra, looking north
Tel Mothrivra, looking south east
The Tower of Tel Mothrivra

Tel Mothrivra was once a great Tribunal Temple fortress built around a monastery dedicated to St. Delyn. However, the settlement lost its military significance when Morrowind was made part of the Empire, and the fortress suffered from a significant loss of staff. At this point, the weakness was exploited by the Akaviri, who captured the fortress during their invasion. Abandoned, the compound fell into disrepair and decay, with monks its only occupants for many years. Eventually, its religious significance waned as well, and the Tribunal Temple was forced to sell the largely empty monastery to Dralothas Omothran. The new ruler of Tel Mothrivra has since set about making the old Velothi settlement more suitable for a Telvanni lord, and his actions as well as the impious nature of House Telvanni have done little to endear the new tenants to the Temple faithful still in residence. A cursory tour of the settlement would make the hearts of even the most ignorant citizens of Morrowind weep at the sight of monk cells being transformed into prisons and slave houses, and the ubiquitous Velothi ritual ash pits used as hasty storage holes with crates and urns haphazardly discarded among sanctified bones and whispering ash.

The settlement itself is split into two sections. The lower part is a small courtyard with a statue to Saint Delyn the Wise. Presumably this was designed for visiting travelers and secular services, which could thus be kept separate from the ecclesiastical establishment. Now, among homes you will find the magic shop inside the Telvanni pod, and just before the wall to upper Tel Mothrivra is the obligatory Telvanni Tower - be sure to take a peek inside the "Turret" here.

The upper part is a larger square with the decommissioned monastery building at its center. Not much here besides residences, guard quarters and the local tavern, The Glass Goblet, which provides room and board, as well. Do visit the monastery-turned-tower to peruse the various profanity inflicted upon the Temple's sacred sites, and chat with Llothis Dralor, one of the previous owners of the settlement, in his home on the west side of town.

Getting There and Around[edit]

Take the Riverstrider southwest of town to Alt Bosara. The road north leads to Llothanis and south to Alt Bosara.

Places of Interest Around Tel Mothrivra[edit]

An Egg Mine below the town supports the economy of the settlement. Various caves can be explored in the Boethiah's Spine around the fortress, and an Imperial farmer keeps his stock nearby.

Related Quests[edit]



Map Key
  • 1. Golyn Sedrethi's House
  • 2. Aralor Theralas' House
  • 3. Llothis Dralor's House
  • 4. Guard Barracks
  • 5. Tower of Tel Mothrivra
  • 6. Storage Tower
  • 7. Drulasa Hlamen's House


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Alammu Llethri Male Dunmer Thief Service Thieves Guild Footpad(Footpad) 11 92 112 30 30 The Glass Goblet Merchant, Trainer
Alvor Vendu Male Dunmer Monk 9 83 92 70 30 The Glass Goblet
Aralor Theralas Male Dunmer Commoner 8 86 96 90 30 Outside (33,3)
Beekatan Female Argonian Slave 3 0 104 0 30 Tower of Tel Mothrivra Already Dead
Dalam Hleray Male Dunmer Guard House Telvanni Lawman(Lawman) 20 205 184 100 30 Tower of Tel Mothrivra
Dralothas Omothran Male Dunmer Battlemage House Telvanni Wizard(Wizard) 30 177 200 0 30 Tower of Tel Mothrivra, Manor Ruler of Tel Mothrivra
Drulusa Hlamen Female Dunmer Commoner 8 81 96 90 30 Outside (33,3)
Enarvyne Varis Male Dunmer Guard House Telvanni Lawman(Lawman) 25 244 132 100 30 Tower of Tel Mothrivra, Retainer's Quarters
Feduro Daranith Male Dunmer Bard 7 74 126 70 30 Feduro Daranith's House
Fillim Male Bosmer Rogue Thieves Guild Footpad(Footpad) 9 82 92 30 30 The Glass Goblet
Gadali Vandal Female Dunmer Enforcer House Telvanni Oathman(Oathman) 11 83 102 70 40 Slave Holding Linkable Entry
Gadave Sethan Male Dunmer Publican 7 71 120 60 30 The Glass Goblet Merchant
Gidave Vendal Male Dunmer Guard House Telvanni Lawman(Lawman) 30 274 144 100 30 Tower of Tel Mothrivra, Manor
Golyn Sedrethi Male Dunmer Guard House Telvanni Lawman(Lawman) 28 262 140 100 30 Outside (33,3)
Han-Zaw Male Argonian Acrobat 7 78 90 40 30 Prison
Hlavesa Llenim Female Dunmer Merchant 13 120 138 50 30 The Glass Goblet
Inwold Male Breton Slave 2 46 102 0 30 Tower of Tel Mothrivra
Kammus Uvayn Male Dunmer Sorcerer House Telvanni Caster(Caster) 14 111 162 70 40 South Tower: Upper Tower
Llothis Dralor Male Dunmer Priest Tribunal Temple Acolyte(Acolyte) 11 82 108 80 30 Llothis Dralor's House
Neeta Male Argonian Slave 4 60 84 60 30 Tower of Tel Mothrivra
Orvano Tralen Male Dunmer Therionaut 8 77 122 80 30 Outside (33,2) Offers Transport to Alt Bosara
Raksadarg Male Khajiit Slave 4 60 84 60 30 Tower of Tel Mothrivra
S'Baad Male Khajiit Slave 4 60 84 90 30 Slave Holding
Seris Athyon Female Dunmer Enchanter Service 9 68 144 90 30 Seris Athyon: Magical Supplies Merchant, Enchanter, Spellmaker
Shabhi Female Khajiit Slave 3 53 84 60 30 Tower of Tel Mothrivra
Sodrara Asinbabia Female Dunmer Pilgrim 8 83 96 40 30 The Glass Goblet
Staron Male Redguard Barbarian 12 135 78 70 40 The Glass Goblet
Tadali Tistar Female Dunmer Commoner House Telvanni Oathman(Oathman) 5 63 88 100 30 Tower of Tel Mothrivra, Entrance Hall
Tadave Arendu Male Dunmer Commoner 4 63 86 50 30 Outside (33,3)
Talmeni Omothran Female Dunmer Enchanter House Telvanni Caster(Caster) 13 85 164 0 30 Tower of Tel Mothrivra, Manor
Uradasou Tistar Male Dunmer Savant House Telvanni Oathman(Oathman) 6 108 120 70 30 Tower of Tel Mothrivra, Entrance Hall
Vaden Othren Male Dunmer Guard House Telvanni Lawman(Lawman) 27 256 138 100 30 Tower of Tel Mothrivra
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