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Of the many small towns dotting Morrowind, few are without a Tavern or Inn of some sort. Almost all taverns serve the various local liquors: Shein, Mazte, Flin and Sujamma, while fancier establishments may also stock more exotic spirits such as Cyrodilic Brandy and Ungorth. Additionally, some taverns offer beds for the weary traveler, as well as a small selection of common potions to cure what the Mazte won't. In smaller towns, the tavern is the center of social life, and those offering services to travelers do so within. Taverns in larger towns with dedicated shops rarely offer such hospitality.

List of Taverns & Inns[edit]

Here is a list of all the taverns in the game, sorted by location.

Tavern Location Beds Proprietor Gold Faction
Underground Bazaar Akamora No Llania Darvani 450
The Laughing Goblin Akamora Yes Liuba Onamas 120
Limping Scrib Almas Thirr Yes Ilerni Hleran 120
The Black Ogre Tavern Bal Oyra Yes Yersod 125
The Starlight Inn Bosmora Yes Sulerri Tharyon 45
The Windbreak Hostel Darnim Yes Charna gra-Mohl 100
The Gentle Velk Enamor Dayn Yes Sedaves Adrendil 0
The Howling Noose Firewatch Yes Cornelius Sympsus 1000 Thieves Guild 4(Operative)
The Queen's Cutlass Firewatch Yes Ra'manjas 120
The Silver Serpent Firewatch Yes Polanna 0 Great House Telvanni 1(Retainer)
Wetstone Tavern Gah Sadrith No Thelara Tallas 150
The Emerald Haven Inn Gorne Yes Dralin Belvayn 50 House Indoril 1(Retainer)
Crystal Flower Inn Helnim Yes Fistelle 250
Mining Bunkhouse Helnim No Froljir Hearth-heart 30
Mjornir's Alehouse Helnim No Mjornir 70
The Cliff Racer's Rest Helnim Yes Uleras Morenu 0 Great House Telvanni 0(Hireling)
The Red Drake Inn Helnim Yes Falura Lleste 125
The Water's Shadow Tavern Llothanis Yes Rantharas Hanaris 200
The Swallow's Nest Marog No Branasa Tirvesu 125
The Inn Between Mephalain Mountains Yes Revas Baldaren 600
The Golden Glade Meralag Yes Juvol Andres 500
Pilgrim's Respite Necrom No Mori Athenen 70
Seafarer's Rest Hostel Necrom No Folms Omaren 200 Tribunal Temple 2(Initiate)
Temple Hostel Necrom Yes Duldres Herendal 40 Tribunal Temple 2(Initiate)
Hunted Hound Inn Nedothril Coast Yes Ryamon Sevenas
The Empress Katariah Old Ebonheart Yes Naamalvu Erendi 150
The Moth and Tiger Old Ebonheart Yes Valia Vautere 140
The Salty Futtocks Old Ebonheart Yes Jodald 125
The Lost Crab Tavern Port Telvannis No Hizam Aneroth 750 Great House Telvanni 0(Hireling)
The Avenue Port Telvannis No
The Dancing Jug Ranyon-ruhn Yes Alasha Kori 500
The Glass Goblet Tel Mothrivra Yes Gadave Sethan 100
The Note In Your Eye Tel Muthada No Brelyn Dreloth 200
The Magic Mudcrab Tel Ouada No
Twisted Root Verulas Pass No Rolave Arendus 200