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When the Tribunal came to power, the Indoril set out to transform Morrowind. Their reach extended to the far corners of the nation, and by and large they succeeded. The Indoril seat associated with House Mora, however, remained empty by tradition, filled in name by Indoril Nerevar, whose spirit could not rule it. So the region it commanded was left neglected where its neighbours flourished, an unacknowledged scar in the heart of Morrowind. What remained of the region eventually turned into a dangerous bog where packs of dangerous beasts prey on lost travelers. — Tamriel Rebuilt
Sundered Scar Weather Table
Clear 5% Thunder 5%
Cloudy 25% Foggy 15%
Ash 0% Blight 0%
Overcast 30% Rain 20%
Snow 0% Blizzard 0%
Sundered Scar
Map of the Sundered Scar region

Sundered Scar is a region in the Mournhold District of Morrowind. It is an area of marshland along the southern coastline of the Inner Sea.

Its largest settlement is Ildrim. Sundered Scar borders Azura's Coast across the sea, the Mephalan Vales to the north and east, Lan Orethan to the south, and Aanthirin to the west.


A list of places found in the Sundered Scar region.


Villages (Tier IV)[edit]

  • Ildrim — A fishing village in the Sundered Scar.

Hamlets (Tier VI)[edit]



Daedric Ruins[edit]

Dwemer Ruins[edit]

  • Chunzefk — A Dwemer ruin located in the Sundered Scar region.



Ruined Imperial Forts[edit]


Unreleased Places[edit]

These places are planned, in development, or partially complete and available through TR_Preview. Due to the ever-changing nature of unreleased content, only major locations on the concept map are listed here.


Outposts (Tier V)[edit]

  • Id Vano

Related Quests[edit]

A list of quests involving the Sundered Scar region.

Faction Quests[edit]

Tribunal Temple:

Miscellaneous Quests[edit]


Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location
Drowned Corpse Male Dunmer Commoner 1 0 80 0 30 Bottom of a lake
Gilvero Llen Male Dunmer Sorcerer 16 121 172 0 30
Mendris Terif Male Dunmer Farmer 4 67 84 90 30
Norveram Male Dunmer Warlock 8 67 92 0 90
Sirnam Rassenat Male Dunmer Smuggler 10 100 94 100 30


  • This region was originally called Inlet Bog.
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