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How to get there[edit]

There are no easy ways to travel between the Vvardenfell district and anywhere on the mainland.

Things to know[edit]

  • Factions: Most factions are divided into a Vvardenfell branch and a mainland branch, which are semi-independent from each other. If you are a member of a faction, you may have to join it again; note that your rank in the mainland branch will only be a fraction of your rank in the Vvardenfell branch. For example, lording over the Telvanni of Sadrith Mora does not make you the boss of those in Port Telvannis but instead it gives you rank of Spellwright at start. Also, the independence is not total: if you are a Vvardenfell Hlaalu or Redoran, you will not be able to join the mainland Telvanni.
  • Wilderness: There is more biodiversity outside of the island. However, not all creatures are hostile, or even dangerous. For example, the ant-like Ornadas are completely harmless. Exploring the wilderness does offer challenges, but it is somewhat safer than in Vvardenfell. Outlaws, however, are more common outdoors.
  • Diseases: While both the Blight and corprus are practically unheard, diseases from the rest of the continent can be caught. They are common diseases and thus easy to cure with a spell or potion, but some can be extremely virulent.
  • Items: As you travel through the mainland, you will discover that the mod has added a huge amount of items to the game, from new books to dangerous artifacts.