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The ability to make custom spells is important to any player using a magically inclined character. Up to eight effects can be combined into a single, potent spell; and spells can be tweaked to provide maximum effect for minimal cost.

Making Custom Spells[edit]

Custom spells can be made by talking to a merchant with the Spellmaking dialog option. Each Mages Guild Hall has one such NPC you can buy custom spells from, with the exception of Caldera.

On the left side of the Spellmaking window you are presented with a list of all spell effects you have collected so far, which can be used to create the custom spell. Select an effect you wish to add, and a new screen pops up where you can set the range (self, touch or target), minimum and maximum magnitudes, duration, and area of effect. These parameters determine the magicka cost of the spell, the chance of successfully casting the spell, and the gold cost of making it. Once you have finished setting the effect's parameters, you may then add additional effects (up to eight) if you wish. Finally, name the spell and then purchase it.


These NPCs will allow any character to create what spell they desire, but at a price. For a list of spell-makers on the island of Vvardenfell, see this page.

Map 1[edit]

Name Location Other Services
Aeli Danym Tel Ouada, Tower Spell Merchant, Trainer
Adalerine Port Telvannis, Tel Thenim: Lower Tower Enchanter, Trainer
Athenim Adri Sadas Plantation, Tel Sadas Merchant, Spell Merchant
Cerul Arnem Port Telvannis, Cerul Arnem: Enchanter Merchant, Spell Merchant
Fusath Relyan Sadas Plantation, Tel Sadas Spell Merchant
Ladia Tunifus Firewatch, Imperial Chapel Merchant, Spell Merchant
Lloryn Llaram Gah Sadrith, Lloryn Llaram's House Merchant, Spell Merchant, Trainer
Nevusa Lakasyn Ranyon-ruhn, Nevusa Lakasyn: Healer Merchant, Spell Merchant, Trainer
Nilena Othril Gah Sadrith, Market Spell Merchant
Osyn Redola Tel Ouada, Tower: West Wing Enchanter, Spell Merchant
Taldasi Menguren Port Telvannis, Tel Thenim: Upper Tower Spell Merchant
Tirele Edri Tel Oren, Tower Spell Merchant
Trendil Vas Sadas Plantation, Tel Sadas Merchant, Spell Merchant
Vonak Limonith Tel Ouada Spell Merchant
Vendil Tras Gah Sadrith, Vendil Tras: Sorcerer Merchant, Spell Merchant

Map 2[edit]

Name Location Other Services
Aeli Danym Tel Ouada, Tower Spell Merchant, Training
Domus Terrinus Cephorad Keep, Interior Merchant, Spell Merchant
Feduran Tharen Verulas Pass, Morag Tong Training Camp Merchant, Spell Merchant
Seris Athyon Tel Mothrivra, Seris Athyon: Magic Supplies Merchant, Enchanter