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Those who sell their spells for money fall into many categories, based vaguely upon their areas of expertise. They include Mages, Sorcerers and Spellmakers among others. Often these merchants will teach you a spell in exchange for gold, whether or not you are anywhere near ready to use it. To see a list of all spells in the game, see Spells.

Map 1[edit]

Name Location Other Services
Aeli Danym Tel Ouada, Tower Spellmaker, Trainer
Athenim Adri Sadas Plantation, Tel Sadas Merchant, Spellmaker
Cerul Arnem Port Telvannis, Cerul Arnem: Enchanter Merchant, Spellmaker
Elos Uvelen Firewatch Palace, Guild of Mages Merchant, Enchanter
Fusath Relyan Sadas Plantation, Tel Sadas Spellmaker
Ladia Tunifus Firewatch, Imperial Chapel Merchant, Spellmaker
Lloryn Llaram Gah Sadrith, Lloryn Llaram's House Merchant, Spellmaker, Trainer
Nevusa Lakasyn Ranyon-ruhn, Nevusa Lakasyn: Healer Merchant, Spellmaker, Trainer
Nilena Othril Gah Sadrith, Market Spellmaker
Olanasa Wenil Tel Ouada, The Magic Mudcrab Merchant
Osyn Redola Tel Ouada, Tower: West Wing Spellmaker, Enchanter
Taldasi Menguren Port Telvannis, Tel Thenim: Upper Tower Spellmaker
Tirele Edri Tel Oren, Tower Spellmaker
Trendil Vas Sadas Plantation, Tel Sadas Merchant, Spellmaker
Ultern Gah Sadrith, Tel Darys Upper Tower
Vendil Tras Gah Sadrith, Vendil Tras: Sorcerer Merchant, Spellmaker
Vonak Limonith Tel Ouada Spellmaker

Map 2[edit]

Name Location Other Services
Domus Terrinus Cephorad Keep, Interior Merchant, Spellmaker
Feduran Tharen Verulas Pass, Morag Tong Training Camp Merchant, Spellmaker
Tiunian Veltrus Helnim, Imperial Chapels Merchant
Thelasa Reram Tel Muthada, Thelada Reram: Healer Merchant