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Book Information
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
ID TR_m2_book_Armorer_i323
Value 10 Weight 1
Found in the following locations:
Servan Nieries' Ledger
by Servan Nieries

[This book is a record of Servan Nieries' transactions; a few entries catch your eye.]

Entry 27: Took 4 broad swords from source. Sold a chain coif (+23).

Entry 28: Procured 2 broad swords and 3 short swords (-35 NL). Sold 6 broad swords to NL's friends (+350).

Entry 29: Trouble with AR (-170)! How did he know?

Entry 30: LS knows too. Went to AR, told to pay (-40 LS, -1 bottle Cyrodiilic Brandy). Sold a broad sword (+75).

Entry 31: Procured 5 long bows. Sold 6 shields to NL's friends (+430). Sold 2 short swords (+53).

Entry 32: Services rendered by NL (-465).

[It continues for many pages, though the sizes of the transactions dwindle as time progresses. Most expenditures are paid to AR, LS, and NL. Occasionally Servan makes an entry for cryptic "services rendered" by NL, always costing about 500 Septims.]