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Roa Dyr
Added by: Tamriel Rebuilt
Alignment: House Indoril
Region: Aanthirin

Almsivi Intervention:

Divine Intervention:

Northern entrance
View on western side
Southeastern end

Roa Dyr is House Indoril's port on the Thirr River, on the east bank of Aanthirin. It is the first Indoril settlement pilgrims pass heading east from Almas Thirr along Veloth's Path, although access from the road is very roundabout coming from this direction. As an Indoril chapel, Roa Dyr overlooks the Velothi settlements in eastern Aanthirin.

The Chapel[edit]

The lord of Roa Dyr is Indoril Ilvi, who can be found in Warriors' Hall at southeast end of town. Place can offer little services for outlanders, like trader tollmen in harbor. Additionally on harbor island there is Morag Tong tower, connected to Tollman Hall and Layover Post. Crossing of Lamps tower located in settlement center, where Diranya, personal steward of Lord Ilvi can be found.

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