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The river strider at Tel Ouada

These huge aquatic arthropod are bred and raised by the Telvanni to act as an alternative to boats. A large fungus is grafted to the top of their abdominal shell, living symbiotically with the animal; in that fungus a cabin for passengers is hollowed. The therionaut takes place atop the creature's head, under a small overhang supported by the strider's antenna. The antenna are coated in a fungal infection which allows the therionaut to control the strider by manipulating them. Between the head and the abdomen, a thin thorax sports four long legs and two impressive wings. While the wings cannot be used for flight, the creature can use them as sails to gain speed.

Origin Therionaut Destinations
Alt Bosara Masalmalu Mendas Llothanis Tel Mothrivra
Gah Sadrith Yugil Nethri Port Telvannis
Llothanis Bolnosdin Grit Alt Bosara Tel Ouada Port Telvannis
Port Telvannis Gadam Costis Gah Sadrith Sadas Plantation
Port Telvannis Fina Hertish Llothanis Tel Ouada
Sadas Plantation Mordinara Valethi Port Telvannis
Tel Mothrivra Orvano Tralen Alt Bosara
Tel Ouada Aamunos Rolvar Llothanis Port Telvannis