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This is a list of quests in Tamriel Rebuilt, categorized by faction and quest giver. Miscellaneous quests are listed at the bottom and are instead categorized by location.

Great House Quests[edit]

House Telvanni[edit]

Malvas Relvani's Quests for Rilvin Dral, at Tel Thenim in Port Telvannis
Fervas Shulisa's Quests for Mistress Eldale, at Tel Darys in Gah Sadrith
Nethan Marys' Quests for Mistress Faruna, in Tel Oren
Nevrile Omayn's Quests for Master Mithras, in Tel Aranyon
Nevrile Omayn's miscellaneous Quests (see Killing the Messenger)
Areth Morvayn's Quests for Mistress Rathra, in Tel Ouada
Norahin Darys' Quests for Master Vaerin, at Tel Vaerin in Alt Bosara
Master Mithras' Quests, in Tel Aranyon and Ranyon-ruhn
  • Trouble in Ranyon-ruhn: The Telvanni master of Ranyon-ruhn has some troubles with his mine and you may be able to help...
1.A Most Displeased Noble: The mine workers are unhappy, but why?
2.A Delayed Shipment: Discover why a shipment wasn't delivered to Ranyon-ruhn.
3.Concerns of a Lord: Sometimes, slaves are in short supply, even in Port Telvannis.
4.Unconventional Methods: Finding some workers for the mine is proving to be a lot of work.
5.Daggers and Chains: Be careful around Argonian slaves, they may be armed to their teeth.
6.Beast of Burden: Master Mithras has burdened you with the task of finding a pack guar...
7.An Offer She Can't Refuse: The assistance of Galdasi Thendas is required, but to what end?
8.Balancing Act: The ebony mine in Ranyon-ruhn is still losing money, so you need to take a dive in its paperwork.
9.Treachery Revealed: Finally, we get to know exactly who stole the ebony from the mine.
10.The Final Search: The traitor's house has been watched from several angles, so how could he have disappeared?
11.Time to Pay, the Telvanni Way: In the final showdown, the plot will be unveiled and the town of Ranyon-ruhn will be saved...

House Hlaalu[edit]

Bol Salvani, Salvani Manor, Gol Mok

Guild and Faction Quests[edit]

Fighters Guild[edit]

Galan Brandt's Quests, Firewatch Guild
Hartise's Quests, Helnim Guild
Amiro's Quests, Akamora Guild
  • Conflict of Interest: Find a pair of runaway slaves and make a choice between helping them escape slavery or return them to their master.
Circus Leonos' Quests, Akamora Guild
Laalalvo Irano's Quests, Akamora Guild
Sharnoga gra-Mal's Quests, Old Ebonheart Guild
Foedus Locutius' Quests, Old Ebonheart Guild

Mages Guild[edit]

Banviris' Quests, Firewatch Guild
Gindaman's Quests, Firewatch Guild
Joslin Stoinles' Quests, Bal Oyra
Francine Aldard's Quests, Akamora Guild
Ranosa Orrels' Quests, Akamora Guild
Amelphia Tarramon's Quests, Old Ebonheart Guild
Arquebald Vene's Quests, Old Ebonheart Guild
Maniel Sylbenitte's Quests, Old Ebonheart Guild

Thieves Guild[edit]

Silniel the Maven's Quests, Firewatch Guild
Greedy Hofmund's Quests, Falkoth's Clothier, Helnim
Lirielle's Quests, Falkoth's Clothier, Helnim
Tiron Naren's Quests, Mjornir's Alehouse, Helnim
Valtio's Quests, The Red Drake Inn, Helnim
Cap'n Fentus' Quests, The Empress Katariah, Old Ebonheart
Wry-Eye Moranie's Quests, The Empress Katariah, Old Ebonheart
  • An Empress' Ransom: Exchange a royal artifact for the freedom of the Thieves Guild leaders.

Tribunal Temple[edit]

General Quests, Any Temple
Ratagos' Quests, Ranyon-ruhn Temple
Lloris Dalan's Quests, Almas Thirr Canalworks Temple
Illene Teloth's Quests, Almas Thirr Office of Intercession

Imperial Legion[edit]

Captain Maurrisha's Quests, Imperial Guard Command Post, Old Ebonheart
Olfvur Steel-Skin's Quests, Legion Headquarters, Old Ebonheart
  • Belated Justice: General Casik has been languishing in a dungeon for three decades. He still insists that he is innocent.
  • Sabotage

Imperial Cult[edit]

Allion Aberus' Quests, Bal Oyra
Relie's Quests, Firewatch
Tiunian Veltrus' Quests, Imperial Chapels, Helnim
Kamlen's Quests, Imperial Chapels, Helnim
Godred the Weary's Quest, Imperial Chapels, Helnim
Cantorius Tramel's Quests, Imperial Chapels, Helnim
  • A Second Opinion Help find a helper for the Imperial Cult's overworked healer.
Felmo Ilveroth's Quests, Grand Chapel of Talos, Old Ebonheart
Valacca Prontia's Quests, Grand Chapel of Talos, Old Ebonheart

East Empire Company[edit]

Culenne Mair's Quests, Helnim Guild
Lorus Avius' Quests, Helnim Guild
Merro Galvix's Quests, Helnim Guild
Zaren Hammebenat's Quests, Helnim Guild
Cassynderia Lys' Quests, Old Ebonheart Guild
Aetia Nemesia's Quests, Old Ebonheart Guild



Almas Thirr
Alt Bosara
Bal Oyra
  • The Smiler: Help a muck farmer get even with a co-worker.
Dreynim Spa
Erethan Plantation
  • Highway Robbery: Raiders are attacking caravans near Firewatch. (Removed from the latest version)
Gah Sadrith
Hla Bulor
Lake Andaram
Mundrethi Plantation
Old Ebonheart
Port Telvannis
Passur-Sur Lookout
Roa Dyr
Sadas Plantation
  • The Sick Strider: Discover the cure quickly, or the huge animal will collapse on top of you...
Sarvanni Molecrab Farm
Tel Mothrivra
Tel Muthada
Tel Ouada
Tur Julan
Verulas Pass