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There are many diverse regions on mainland Morrowind with their own weather and unique landscape. They each roughly belong to one of the five districts on the mainland: Telvannis, Mournhold, Deshaan, Narsis, and Velothis.

In addition to these, there are a few technical regions for cities: Old Ebonheart within Aanthirin (to allow unique regional sound effects) and the yet to be released Soluthis in Uld Vraech (disable rain within cavern).

Telvannis District[edit]

Aranyon Pass — A sinister haunted canyon cutting through the Boethiah's Spine.
Boethiah's Spine — A large mountainous region in the Telvannis District of Morrowind, featuring rugged rocks twisted in strange shapes by erosion.
Molagreahd — A region in the Telvannis District of Morrowind, consisting of rolling hills and fertile pastures.
Telvanni Isles — The most northeastern isles of Tamriel, located in the Telvannis District of Morrowind.

Mournhold District[edit]

Aanthirin — A lush orange-green region in the Mournhold District of Morrowind.
Alt Orethan — The rocky scrubland between the city of Almalexia and the Lan Orethan forest.
Helnim Fields — A region of rich pastures in the Mournhold District of Morrowind.
Lan Orethan — A lush lowland forest valley, set on the banks of the serene Lan Orethan river.
Mephalan Vales — A humid and rocky region that extends the Boethiah's Spine southward.
Nedothril — A coastal grassland region in the Mournhold District of Morrowind.
Sacred Lands — The peaceful coastal region surrounding Necrom.
Sundered Scar — An area of marshland along the southern coastline of the Inner Sea.

Deshaan District[edit]

Arnesian Jungle — A region in the Deshaan District of Morrowind, with terrain similar to the bordering Black Marsh.
Deshaan Plains — A flat and salty region in the Deshaan District of Morrowind.
Mudflats — A region in the Deshaan District of Morrowind.
Salt Marsh — An intermediate region between the Deshaan Plains and Arnesian Jungle in the Deshaan District of Morrowind.

Narsis District[edit]

Othreleth Woods — An autumn-like region in the Narsis District of Morrowind.
Shipal-Shin — A reddish region of cliffs in the Narsis District of Morrowind.
Thirr Valley — A region in the Narsis District of Morrowind, with a distinct yellow-orange landscape.

Velothis District[edit]

Armun Ashlands — A region of dust and ash in the Velothis District of Morrowind.
Ascadian Bluffs — A coastal region in the Velothis District of Morrowind, with terrain similar to the nearby Ascadian Isles.
Clambering Moor — A region in the Velothis District of Morrowind.
Grey Meadows — An ash swamp region in the Velothis District of Morrowind.
Julan-Shar — A tundra region in the Velothis District of Morrowind.
Roth Roryn — A region of rocky canyons in the Velothis District of Morrowind.
Uld Vraech — A snowy region in the Velothis District of Morrowind, covering the northwestern border of Morrowind with Skyrim.
Velothi Mountains — A mountainous region in the Velothis District of Morrowind, forming a natural border with much of Cyrodiil and Skyrim.

Bodies of Water[edit]

Padomaic Ocean — The vast ocean that borders the eastern coast of mainland Morrowind and wraps around much of Tamriel.
Sea of Ghosts — The cold sea that borders all the northern coasts of Tamriel and surrounds the Telvanni Isles.

Deprecated Regions[edit]

These regions have been merged with other nearby regions.

Inner Sea — The narrow and treacherous sea surrounding Vvardenfell.
Lake Boethiah — A large, inland lake in the heart of the Boethiah's Spine region.
Valley of Mephala



Akamora — An Indoril city built into the sides of a mountain valley.
Firewatch — An important Imperial city on the mainland, to the east of Vos and Tel Mora.
Helnim — An Imperial city on the decline, though still an important trade center.
Necrom — An ancient Temple facility, home to funerary traditions that predate the Tribunal.
Old Ebonheart — The main Imperial hub in Morrowind, built on the ruins of the historical Ebonheart.
Port Telvannis — The huge capital city of Great House Telvanni, on a large island off the eastern coast of the mainland.


Adurin-Ouaka — A poor shack village, at the western coast of Lake Boethiah.
Alt Bosara — A small Telvanni town, south of Lake Boethiah, dominated by a large waterfall.
Ammar — A remote fortress located on top of a hill on the coast of the Inner Sea.
Bahrammu — A very poor ramshackle settlement, the northernmost of the Telvannis district.
Baldrahn — A tiny muck farming community just south of Llothanis.
Bal Oyra — A small Imperial charter town with a keep and a lighthouse.
Bosmora — An idyllic and wealthy Indoril trading settlement due to its proximity to the capital.
Dondril — A farming village surrounded by a palisade, south of Old Ebonheart.
Dreynim — A lumber village in the Lan Orethan region.
  • Dreynim Spa — A spa resort built into a cliff in the Lan Orethan region.
Enamor Dayn — A secluded Indoril community.
Gah Sadrith — A medium-sized Telvanni town just south of Port Telvannis.
Gorne — A secluded Indoril island, clanstead of the Sandil family.
Hlersis — A small cave settlement and mine town in the Sacred Lands.
Ildrim — A fishing village in the Sundered Scar.
Llothanis — A Telvanni town in the eastern Molagreahd spanning the Nebet Bay.
Marog — A small Telvanni town, built into the cliff face opposite the Imperial city of Helnim.
Meralag — A sleepy town in the Alt Orethan region.
Ranyon-ruhn — A small Telvanni settlement with an ebony mine.
Sailen — A small farming settlement suited for traveling pilgrims.
Tel Mothrivra — A great Tribunal Temple fortress built around a monastery dedicated to St. Delyn.
Tel Muthada — A Telvanni town, located at the Helnim Fields.
Tel Ouada — A Telvanni settlement dominated by the local Telvanni mage lord's tower.
Vhul — An Indoril town known for brewing punavit.

Imperial Forts[edit]

Bal Oyra, Keep — A small Imperial fort that guards the town of Bal Oyra from the perils of the Molagreahd.
Cephorad Keep — A small Imperial fort at the eastern side of Tel Muthada.
Firewatch Palace — A mighty Imperial stronghold guarding the Eastern Inner Sea.
Helnim Hall — A copious castle located in the center of Helnim, the Governor's residence.
Ruinous Keep — An old flooded fort in Sundered Scar.
Fort Umbermoth — A tiny Imperial Fort just south of Sailen.
Windmoth Legion Fort — An Imperial fort, full of corruption, which is located deep within the Telvanni lands.

(Smaller settlements)

Major Landmarks[edit]

Aegondo Point — A traditional pilgrimage site at the northern tip of the Molagreahd.
Aranyon Pass — A sinister haunted canyon cutting through the Boethiah's Spine.
Balvvarden Isle‎ — A large island off the northern coast of the Molagreahd.
Boethian Falls — An impressive series of waterfalls near the small fishing village of Adurin-Ouaka.
Doldig Isle‎ — A small island in the Molagreahd, close to Firewatch.
Dragonhead Point — A curious rock formation of the Boethiah's Spine, which evokes the giant petrified head and spine of a dragon.
Gahvan Isle — The largest island in the Telvanni Isles, and the location of House Telvanni's capital.
Hlavan Isle‎ — The southernmost of the Telvanni Isles, dominated by the town of Gah Sadrith.
Isle of Arches — A desolate island with a sinister beauty, the odd one out in the Telvanni Isles.
Tel Ouada Guar Farm — The home of a guar rancher, just north of Tel Ouada.
Urlis Rock — A large rock formation northeast of Bahrammu.

Other Landmarks[edit]

Ancestral Tombs — The traditional last dwelling places of the honored ancestors of the Dunmer.
Ancient Ruins — Miscellaneous places abandoned long ago.
Bodies of Water — Lakes and rivers of the mainland.
Caves — The dark bowels of the earth, where treasures wait and dangers lurk.
Daedric Shrines — Built in the prehistory of Resdayn to honor and cajole the Good and Bad Daedra.
Dwemer Ruins — The last remnants of a mysterious culture.
Grottos — Caves that are submerged in whole or in part.
Libraries — Repositories of knowledge and wisdom.
Mines — Damp caves where workers toil to unearth precious minerals, or eggs.
Ships — Craft that ply the waves, or failed to do so.
Taverns and Inns — The places to find a drink to relax, or a room in which to spend the night.
Telvanni Towers — Large structures of twisting roots, which are the places of power in Telvanni towns.
Velothi Towers — Old and sturdy half-subterranean mansions.

Bodies of Water[edit]

Bosouada — A river that flows through the Molagreahd in the northeast of mainland Morrowind.
Dunnechi Bay — A bay of the Sea of Ghosts in which stands the town of Tel Ouada.
Falar Bay — A calm expanse of water, sheltered by tall cliffs from the storms of the Inner Sea.
River Garivun — A short river that winds through three regions of the mainland.
Lake Boethiah — A large, inland lake in the heart of the Boethiah's Spine region.
Nebet Bay — A large expanse of water dominated by the city of Llothanis that separates the Nebet Peninsula from the Ouadavohr area of mainland Molagreahd.
Noloubal Bay — A large body of water north of the eastern arm of the mainland of Morrowind.
Sirouada — A large river that flows through Boethiah's Spine before joining the Bosouada near Ranyon-ruhn.