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Solve a dispute between the local priest and another citizen of Ranyon-ruhn.
Quest Giver: Nevrile Omayn at the Telvanni Council House in Port Telvannis
Location(s): Ranyon-ruhn
Prerequisite Quest: Census in Ranyon-ruhn
Reward: Ring of Ostros' Knack
Disposition: +10 (Nevrile Omayn)
Possible +10 (Master Mithras)
Reputation Gain: +2 or +3 (House Telvanni)
Possible +1 (Tribunal Temple)
ID: TR_m1_HT_Mi2
Ratagos and his antagonist

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Nevrile Omayn in Port Telvannis.
  2. Head to Ranyon-ruhn and talk to Ratagos to discover who insulted him.
  3. Persuade Dilnar Llenim to apologize.
  4. Return to Telvanni Council House for your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

A Grave Insult[edit]

Nevrile Omayn has another task for you. It seems that one of the citizens of Ranyon-ruhn spat at Ratagos, the head of the local Tribunal Temple. Master Mithras wants to keep his town respectful and orderly, and wants you to find the perpetrator then make him apologize and pay a fine.

Head to Ranyon-ruhn and ask Ratagos for details. He tells you that it was Dilnar Llenim who spat at him.

The Apology[edit]

Dilnar Llenim lives in a house on the northern side of the central block of buildings. He isn't exactly repentant of his deed but you can invoke his sense of honor and pride for his master's good name and eventually he will hand over a Letter of Apology and 100 drakes. Take these back to Ratagos and hand them over to him. He will accept them and consider the matter closed.

Now head back to Port Telvannis and report to Nevrile Omayn. Your reward for defusing the situation is the Ring of Ostros' Knack - a ring with a Fortify Conjuration effect, three points of House Telvanni faction reputation, and a ten point disposition boost with Omayn.


  • When handing over Dilnar Llenim's apology and money, you are given the option of only giving Ratagos 25 drakes and keeping 75 for yourself. There is no penalty for doing this.
  • You can pay the fine yourself. This gives you one point of Tribunal Temple faction reputation, but you only receive two points of House Telvanni reputation instead of three. You also receive a ten point disposition boost with Master Mithras.

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Peacemaker (TR_m1_HT_Mi2)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Nevrile Omayn told me there had been trouble down in Ranyon-ruhn. Apparently, a townsperson had gravely offended the local Temple priest, Ratagos. Although Master Mithras is not a devout Temple follower, he does like to keep his subjects respectful and orderly. I should go to Ranyon-ruhn and have the perpetrator apologize and pay a small fine to Ratagos.
20 Ratagos told me that the person who had offended him was Dilnar Llenim.
30 Dilnar Llenim refused to apologise, until I ordered him to do so in the name of Master Mithras. He then gave me a letter of apology and some drakes in compensation to take to Ratagos.
31 Dilnar Llenim refused to apologise. I have decided to compensate Ratagos myself.
40 Ratagos accepted the compensation courteously, and was glad to see that Master Mithras did his best to keep an orderly town.
41 Ratagos accepted the compensation courteously, and was glad to see that Master Mithras did his best to keep an orderly town.
50 ☑Finishes quest Nevrile thanked me for dealing with the situation in Ranyon-ruhn, and rewarded me with an enchanted ring.
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