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Nisirel (TR_m2_Nisirel)
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
Home City Helnim
Store Nisirel's Potions
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Level 5 Class Alchemist Service
Gold 125 Mercantile Novice (5)
Sells Apparatus, Ingredients, Potions
Other Information
Health 45 Magicka 126
Alarm 100 Fight 30
Faction(s) House Telvanni 1(Retainer)

Nisirel is a Bosmer alchemist and a Retainer in the Mainland Great House Telvanni. She can be found in her store in Helnim.

Related Quests[edit]


  • Negative numbers indicate restocking items.
  • Items in italics are equipped, and can be purchased if you sell her something better first. (If there is more than one, you may be able to purchase the others.)
  • Items in bold are Leveled Lists. Click on them to learn more about what they may contain.
Item Qty
Bargain Disease Resistance -3
Bargain Fortify Fatigue 1
Bargain Poison Resistance 1
Bargain Potion of Burden 1
Bargain Potion of Light 1
Bargain Potion of Night-Eye 1
Bargain Potion of Shadow 1
Bargain Restore Agility 1
Cheap Disease Resistance 1
Cheap Fire Resistance 1
Cheap Fortify Endurance 1
Cheap Fortify Fatigue 1
Cheap Magicka Resistance 1
Cheap Poison Resistance 1
Cheap Potion of Feather 1
Cheap Potion of Fire Shield 1
Cheap Potion of Fortify Health 1
Cheap Potion of Fortify Magicka 1
Cheap Potion of Invisibility 1
Cheap Potion of Night-Eye 1
Cheap Potion of Reflection 2
Cheap Potion of Swift Swim 1
Item Qty
Cheap Restore Fatigue 2
Cheap Restore Health -3
Cheap Restore Intelligence 1
Cheap Rising Force Potion 1
Exclusive Disease Resistance 1
Exclusive Potion of Paralyze 1
Exclusive Restore Endurance 1
Exclusive Rising Force Potion 1
Mazte 1
Potion of Cure Blight Disease 1
Potion of Cure Common Disease -2
Potion of Cure Paralyzation -1
Potion of Cure Poison 1, -1
Potion of Marking 1
Potion of Water Breathing 1
Potion of Water Walking 1
Quality Fortify Agility 1
Quality Potion of Fire Shield 1
Quality Potion of Reflection 1
Spoiled Cure Disease Potion 1
Standard Potion of Light 1
Standard Potion of Night-Eye 1
Item Qty
Standard Restore Fatigue 1
Apprentice's Mortar and Pestle 1
Journeyman's Mortar and Pestle 1
Master's Calcinator 1
Ash Salts 1
Bonemeal 1
Chokeweed 1
Crab Meat 2
Marshmerrow 1
Muck 1
Racer Plumes 1
Resin 1
Roobrush 1
Scamp Skin 2
Scathecraw 1
Scrib Jerky 1
random_de_cheapfood_01_nc 3
random_de_cheapfood_01_ne 10
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