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Nevusa Lakasyn (TR_m1_Nevusa_Lakasyn)
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
Home Town Ranyon-ruhn
Store Nevusa Lakasyn: Healer
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Level 19 Class Healer Service
Training Mysticism (67)
Alteration (62)
Restoration (62)
Other Spellmaking Spellmaker
Gold 2000 Mercantile Novice (7)
Spells Alteration SpellsIllusion SpellsMysticism SpellsRestoration Spells
Other Information
Health 106 Magicka 120
Alarm 90 Fight 30
Nevusa Lakasyn

Nevusa Lakasyn is a Dunmer healer who runs a store in Ranyon-ruhn. Over the last few months, her reputation as a seller of high-quality merchandise has been attacked by a new arrival in town, and she is looking for a way of resolving the situation.

In addition to selling her wares, she is a medium trainer in Mysticism, Alteration, and Restoration. She is, in fact, the best Mysticism trainer, and the only Restoration trainer, on the mainland.

Related Quests[edit]


  • Alchemical Slander: A newcomer is trying to bring the reputation of two local alchemists into disrepute.


  • Negative numbers indicate restocking items.
  • Items in bold are Leveled Lists. Click on them to learn more about what they may contain.
Item Qty
Bargain Fortify Health Potion -1
Bargain Potion of Light -1
Bargain Potion of Shadow 2
Bargain Restore Health 2
Cheap Potion of Shadow 1
Cheap Restore Fatigue 1
Cheap Restore Health 8
Exclusive Disease Resistance -1
Exclusive Fire Resistance -1
Exclusive Fortify Fatigue -1
Exclusive Fortify Health -1
Exclusive Fortify Magicka -1
Exclusive Frost Resistance -1
Exclusive Frost Shield -1
Exclusive Lightning Shield -1
Exclusive Magicka Resistance -1
Exclusive Poison Resistance -1
Exclusive Potion of Fire Shield -1
Exclusive Potion of Light -1
Exclusive Potion of Night-Eye -1
Exclusive Potion of Reflection -1
Exclusive Potion of Swift Swim -1
Item Qty
Potions (cont.)
Exclusive Restore Agility -1
Exclusive Restore Endurance -1
Exclusive Restore Fatigue -2
Exclusive Restore Health 1, -2
Exclusive Restore Intelligence -1
Exclusive Restore Luck -1
Exclusive Restore Magicka -1
Exclusive Restore Personality -1
Exclusive Restore Speed -1
Exclusive Restore Strength -1
Exclusive Restore Willpower -1
Exclusive Shock Resistance -1
Exclusive Spell Absorption -1
Mazte 2
Potion of Cure Blight Disease -2
Potion of Cure Common Disease 3, -2
Potion of Cure Paralyzation 3, -2
Potion of Cure Poison -2
Potion of Dispel 2, -1
Potion of Marking -1
Potion of Recall -1
Potion of Water Breathing 1
Item Qty
Potions (cont.)
Potion of Water Walking 1
Quality Disease Resistance -1
Quality Potion of Burden 3
Quality Potion of Shadow 3
Standard Disease Resistance -1
Standard Potion of Invisibility 1
Standard Restore Health Potion 2
Standard Rising Force Potion 1
Black Lichen 1
Bloat 1
Bloodstone 3
Fire Petal 2
Hypha Facia 2
Raw Gold 1
Shalk Resin 1
Void Salts 1
Willow Anther 1
random_de_cheapfood_01_ne 10
T_Mw_Random_CheapfoodDunmerM1/2 1
T_Mw_Random_Food 1
T_Mw_Random_Ingredient 35


Spell Name Cost Effects
Crushing Burden Touch 30 Burden Burden 60 pts for 10s on Touch
Great Burden of Sin 30 Burden Burden 40 pts for 10s on Target
Strong Levitate 30 Levitate Levitate 20 pts for 10s on Self
Tinur's Hoptoad 30 Jump Jump 20 pts for 10s on Self
Weary 34 Burden Burden 30-60 pts for 10s on Target
Alad's Caliginy 30 Blind Blind 10-30 pts for 30s on Touch
Dire Noise 35 Sound Sound 2-60 pts for 5s on Target
Far Silence 30 Silence Silence for 10s on Target
Hide 30 Invisibility Invisibility for 30s on Self
Invisibility 30 Invisibility Invisibility for 30s on Self
Shadow Weave 20 Chameleon Chameleon 20 pts for 10s on Self
Sanctuary Sanctuary 20 pts for 10s on Self
Absorb Personality 38 Absorb Personality Absorb Personality 5-20 pts for 30s on Touch
Absorb Speed 38 Absorb Speed Absorb Speed 5-20 pts for 30s on Touch
Absorb Willpower 38 Absorb Willpower Absorb Willpower 5-20 pts for 30s on Touch
Dispel 25 Dispel Dispel 100 pts on Self
Reflect 38 Reflect Reflect 10-20 pts for 5s on Self
Weak Spelldrinker 38 Spell Absorption Spell Absorption 10-20 pts for 5s on Self
Blood Gift 38 Fortify Health Fortify Health 10-40 pts for 30s on Self
Charisma 30 Fortify Personality Fortify Personality 10 pts for 60s on Self
Great Resist Common Disease 30 Resist Common Disease Resist Common Disease 30 pts for 10s on Self
Great Resist Fire 30 Resist Fire Resist Fire 30 pts for 10s on Self
Great Resist Frost 30 Resist Frost Resist Frost 30 pts for 10s on Self
Great Resist Magicka 30 Resist Magicka Resist Magicka 30 pts for 10s on Self
Greater Resist Poison 30 Resist Poison Resist Poison 30 pts for 10s on Self
Iron Will 30 Fortify Willpower Fortify Willpower 10 pts for 60s on Self
Poet's Whim 39 Resist Blight Disease Resist Blight Disease 1-30 pts for 10s on Self
Powerwell 38 Fortify Magicka Fortify Magicka 5-20 pts for 60s on Self
Rapid Regenerate 38 Restore Health Restore Health 5-10 pts for 20s on Self