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Found in the following locations:
Nadael Illulivad, Vol I
by Sorban Nulluk
First volume describing the Travels of Nadael Illulivad

Nadael Illulivad was a young Wood-Elf who grew up in the land of Vvardenfell. At a young age, his parents abandoned him to a poor family in Balmora, where he learned to steal and pickpocket in order to pay for food. Before long, Nadael had grown very adept at these skills. In fact, by the age of nine years, he had become a prominent member of the local Thieve's Guild, performing tasks which required smaller body types.

One day, during his fifteenth year, Nadael returned home after emptying the wares of a local merchant, only to discover his foster-parents had been murdered, and their house lie in ruins. After searching through the rubble, the astute young Illulivad discovered a broach with six intertwining prongs.

Nadael's sense of loss was overwhelming, and from blurry eyes, he wiped away tears, which left streaks through the grime on his cheeks. Nadael pocketed the broach and vowed to find those who had murdered his foster-parents. Years later, his quest would be widely known and chronicled, as The Travels of Nadael Illulivad.

Leaving the ruins of his home, Nadael sought out N'neyya, a Khajit [sic] from the Thieve's Guild, and informed her of the deaths of Tali and Ormin Illulivad. N'neyya was shocked beyond belief, and recalled a group of hooded bandits who had been observed fleeing across the river Odai in broad daylight, yet hidden in shadows. She urged him to leave quickly, for any trail they may have left would soon disappear. Nadael wished N'neyya a fond fairwell, and left the city.

As the young thief stepped onto the bridge over the Odai River, he looked back at Balmora, and realized there was nothing there for him. Even the Thieves Guild had lost its lure in his eyes, for only revenge burned in his throat. With those thoughts trailing in his mind, Nadael turned away from his former life, and took the first step on his long and eventful journey.