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Uncover the source of a plague that has Bal Oyra buzzing.
Quest Giver: Automatic (above level 10) in Bal Oyra
Location(s): Bal Oyra
Reward: 400 or 500 gold
Reputation Gain: +1 or +2 reputation
ID: TR_m1_BO_muskflies
Muskflies attack!

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Enter the town.
  2. Talk to Tibera Rone in the keep about muskflies.
  3. Kill all the muskflies in town.
  4. Return to Tibera.
  5. Investigate about the cause of all this.
  6. Talk to Tandryen Reyas.
  7. Get the raw musk from the metal bucket in the fire place.
  8. Return to Tibera for your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Come Fly With Me[edit]

Upon entering Bal Oyra, if you are level 10 or higher, you will get a journal update about the muskflies in the town. When you talk to anyone in town they will tell you that Tibera Rone is giving a hefty reward to any who can deal with the flies.

Rone can be found in the keep in the south east corner of the village. She will tell you about the flies and will ask you to kill them, so go outside and kill the remaining flies.

Something in the Air[edit]

When you go back she will tell you that she has already tried killing them all but more keep arriving in the town. She suggests that maybe there's something in the air. Head out into town and ask somebody about something in the air, and they will direct you to Tandryen Reyas' house.

Cooking up a Stink[edit]

Go to the house, get Reyas' disposition over 70 then ask about muskflies, he will confess to be, not only a Telvanni loyalist, but also to having a masterplan to scare away the empire. Now he will attack you, he only has an iron tanto so won't prove much of a challenge. Looking around the interior of the house will reveal a piece of raw musk in a metal bucket over the fire: evidently this is what has been attracting the muskflies. Remove it from the bucket and return to Tibera.

Reyas will try to persuade members of House Telvanni (either the Vvardenfell or Mainland branches) to protect his secret and help him scare off the empire.

Sweet Smell of Success[edit]

Tibera Rone will be grateful to you for fixing the problem. If you killed Reyas, she will reward you with 500 gold and 2 Reputation points; if you are a Telvanni and pretend to her that it is the oil in being burned in the lighthouse that is attracting the flies, she will give you 400 gold and just 1 reputation point.


  • Tandryen Reyas will not admit responsibility until you have gotten the journal entry telling you about the smoke coming from his home.

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Muskflies in Bal Oyra (TR_m1_BO_muskflies)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 When I reached Bal Oyra I found the town to be infested with muskflies.
20 Tibera Rone has asked me to kill the muskflies plaguing Bal Oyra.
30 I believe I have killed all the muskflies in Bal Oyra.
40 Tiberia Rone offered me a large reward if I can stop the muskflies from infesting Bal Oyra. She thinks something in the air must be attracting them.
50 The people of Bal Oyra have noticed a strange smoke coming from Tandryen Reyas' home.
60 Tandryen Reyas admitted that he was responsible for the muskflies, and attacked me.
63 Tandryen Reyas told me that the muskflies are part of a Telvanni scheme, and asked me not to interfere.
67 I told Tibera Rone that Tandryen Reyas was responsible for the muskflies. She asked me to kill him.
70 I have slain Tandryen Reyas.
80 Killing Tandryen Reyas obviously wasn't enough. The muskflies have returned. I should try to figure out what Tandryen Reyas did to attract them in the first place.
90 I have removed some raw musk from the pot over Tandryen Reyas' fireplace. It seems to have stopped the muskfly problem.
100 ☑Finishes quest Tibera Rone rewarded me for getting rid of the muskflies.
110 I agreed to lie to Tibera Rone about the origin of the muskflies, and Tandryen Reyas said he would be more conservative with the infestation.
120 ☑Finishes quest I told Tibera Rone that the muskflies were attracted to the oil that fueled the fire in the lighthouse.