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Morrowind, previously named Dwemereth, Veloth, Resdayn, and Dunmereth, is the province in the northeast corner of Tamriel, and the home of the Dunmer. It is dominated by the large island of Vvardenfell and its centerpiece, the ash-spewing Red Mountain, but also includes territory on the continental mainland. The Inner Sea separates Vvardenfell from the mainland, and the Sea of Ghosts lies to the province's north. Solstheim, an island in this sea near northwestern Morrowind, has not traditionally been associated with any particular province, though Morrowind had long maintained a theoretical claim to it.

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The Imperial Province of Morrowind is divided in six districts, each ruled by a Duke or Duchess. The Duke of the Mournhold District is also King of the entire province. In practice, though, this feudal organization set up by the Empire must compete for power and influence with the older Dunmer clan system of Great Houses. To a limited extent, each district roughly corresponds to the historical zone of influence of a Great House, but this is not a practical definition.

The Districts[edit]

Deshaan District
Dominated by the fertile Deshaan plains, this district also encompasses the Argon Jungle. Its capital is Tear, and Great House Dres is the most influential here.
Mournhold District
Politically and culturally the most important district of all Morrowind, the Mournhold District is home to Great House Indoril and the Tribunal Temple.
King Hlaalu Helseth Raathim rules from Almalexia's inner city, Mournhold.
Narsis District
Named after its capital city of Narsis, this district borders Cyrodiil. Great House Hlaalu prospers in this region from the trade with the Imperial Province.
Telvannis District
The north-eastern district was named after the Telvanni Isles, not after Great House Telvanni; but for the Wizards this nuance is mere sophistry.
Duchess Perulia Jandacia rules from Firewatch.
Velothis District
Named after the Velothi Mountains, this north-western district borders Skyrim and the warriors of Great House Redoran protect it against Nord incursions.
Vvardenfell District
The volcanic island of Vvardenfell was for a long time under the exclusive control of the Temple, as it was the domain of the Dwemer and the abolished Great House Dagoth.
Duke Vedam Dren of Vvardenfell rules from Ebonheart.

The Great Houses[edit]

Great House Dagoth
For their leader's treachery in the Battle of Red Mountain, the Tribunal Temple ordered the entire House abolished, and its members exterminated.
The Dagoth capital was the stronghold of Kogoruhn and its leader Voryn Dagoth is now known as the Sharmat Dagoth Ur.
Great House Dres
A proud and extremely conservative House, the Dres have preserved traditions dating back from the Velothi Chimer.
The Dres capital is Tear.
Great House Hlaalu
A opportunistic House built on trade and adaptability, the Hlaalu always finds a way to benefit from any change.
The Hlaalu capital is Narsis.
Great House Indoril
Alway the most prestigious House, the pious Indoril have intertwined their fate with that of the Temple, and all Morrowind.
The Indoril capital is Almalexia, where Grand Ascendant Neril Sevuro resides.
Great House Redoran
Necessity made this House the greatest warriors of Morrowind, for the Redoran were always the first attacked by Orcs and Nords.
The Redoran capital is Blacklight.
Great House Telvanni
Isolationist in the extreme, the Telvanni have moved as far from the rest of Tamriel as they possibly could.
The Telvanni capital is Port Telvannis, where the "Parliament of Bugs" rules in the name of Archmagister Rilvin Dral.