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Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
# of Zones 5
Console Location Code(s)
"Mansurabi, Falls", "Mansurabi, Lake", "Mansurabi, Lava Tunnels", "Mansurabi, North Tunnels", "Mansurabi, South Tunnels"
Alt Orethan, [23.-22]
The entrance to Mansurabi, Lava Tunnels

Mansurabi is a large cave network between Ildrim and Meralag.

The cave has four surface entrances spread over the area between Ildrim and Meralag, with the Meralag entrance being hidden behind a large waterfall near the town. It is notable for being used by smugglers transporting illegal contraband from Vvardenfell via Ildrim into the interior of the Morrowind mainland. Mansurabi is split into five sections: The North and South Tunnels, Lava Tunnels, Lake and Falls

Mansurabi, Falls

There is little of interest or value here besides the large impressive waterfall off to the side along the path. It connects to the Lake, South Tunnels and to the surface, exiting in a muckpond a short distance over the mountains from Meralag.

Mansurabi, Lake

There are multiple hidden rock crystals that summon a dremora when removed from the rocks they are embedded in. There are also numerous bluefoot, luminous russula and violet coprinus mushrooms. Glass deposits can be found at the southern end of the lake.

Mansurabi, Lava Tunnels

contains a small camp with bedrolls, a hidden Dagger of Stalking and two bottles of mazte. There is also a broken Dwemer door that does not lead to the Dwemer ruin of Ardkoz (a nearby cave door is the actual entrance). There is another exit to the surface here, leading to the small region of volcanic waste west of Meralag, containing the inaccessible surface ruins of Ardkoz.

Mansurabi, North Tunnels

There are four goblin enemies here, protecting a decent amount of loot including gold, gems and goblin shields and weapons. A pot full of skulls in the northeast of the cave suggests that the goblins have been eating unwary smugglers travelling through the cave networks. Surface access here leads to a small mountain valley just south of Ildrim.

Mansurabi, South Tunnels

There is an upturned cart containing a note from one smuggler to another in a damaged chest, along with a discarded goblin sword. This cave also contains plentiful bloatspore plants, a gold deposit, and some glass deposits near the entrance to the Falls. A surface exit to the south leads to behind the waterfall next to Meralag.

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Falls interior map
Lake interior map
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