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Thieves Guild

Other Locations:

Misc. Locations:

Master Thief:


Favored Skills:
Favored Attributes:
Friends & Foes:
Imperial Cult +1
Mages Guild +1
House Hlaalu -1
House Redoran -1
Imperial Legion -1
Tribunal Temple -1
Vampires -1
Ashlanders -2
Camonna Tong -3
Sixth House -3

Joining the Mainland Thieves Guild[edit]

To join the guild, talk to Silniel the Maven in Firewatch.

Favored Skills[edit]

Acrobatics, Light Armor, Marksman, Security, Short Blade, Sneak.

Mainland Thieves Guild Ranks[edit]

Rank Required Attributes Required Skills
0. Toad Agility 30 Personality 30
1. Wet Ear Agility 30 Personality 30 One skill at 10
2. Footpad Agility 30 Personality 30 One skill at 20
3. Blackcap Agility 31 Personality 30 One skill at 30 and two at 5
4. Operative Agility 32 Personality 30 One skill at 40 and two at 10
5. Bandit Agility 33 Personality 31 One skill at 50 and two at 15
6. Captain Agility 35 Personality 32 One skill at 60 and two at 20
7. Ringleader Agility 36 Personality 33 One skill at 70 and two at 25
8. Mastermind Agility 38 Personality 34 One skill at 80 and two at 30
9. Master Thief Agility 40 Personality 35 One skill at 90 and two at 35

Mainland Thieves Guild Quests[edit]

Silniel the Maven's Quests, Firewatch Guild
Greedy Hofmund's Quests, Falkoth's Clothier, Helnim
Lirielle's Quests, Falkoth's Clothier, Helnim
Tiron Naren's Quests, Mjornir's Alehouse, Helnim
Valtio's Quests, The Red Drake Inn, Helnim
Cap'n Fentus' Quests, The Empress Katariah, Old Ebonheart
Wry-Eye Moranie's Quests, The Empress Katariah, Old Ebonheart
  • An Empress' Ransom: Exchange a royal artifact for the freedom of the Thieves Guild leaders.

Mainland Thieves Guild Members[edit]

Character Name Gender Race Class Ranking Location Comments
Arrell Female Bosmer Thief 4 Operative Firewatch, Arrell's House
Arthomis Kessendis Male Redguard Rogue 2 Footpad Firewatch, Howling Noose
Cornelius Sympsus Male Imperial Publican 5 Bandit Firewatch, Howling Noose Publican
Fitz-Fitz Female Argonian Smuggler 1 Wet Ear Firewatch, Howling Noose
Hassandra Female Dunmer Commoner 0 Toad Firewatch, Howling Noose Removes bounties
Nurain Brenim Male Dunmer Assassin Service 4 Operative Firewatch, Howling Noose Assassin Service, Trainer
Silniel the Maven Female Altmer Thief 8 Mastermind Firewatch, Howling Noose
Alammu Llethri Male Dunmer Thief Service 2 Footpad Tel Mothrivra, The Glass Goblet Thief Service, Trainer
Eloa Marie Female Breton Thief Service 2 Footpad Helnim, Falkoth: Clothier Thief Service, Trainer
Fasil Dran Male Dunmer Thief 1 Wet Ear Helnim, Old Prison
Feladir Male Bosmer Pauper 0 Toad Helnim, Old Prison
Fillim Male Bosmer Rogue 2 Footpad Tel Mothrivra, the Glass Goblet
Greedy Hofmund Male Nord Thief Service 8 Mastermind Helnim, Falkoth: Clothier Thief Service, Trainer
Irelle Female Breton Acrobat 0 Toad Helnim, Old Prison
Lirielle Female Bosmer Acrobat 3 Blackcap Helnim, Falkot: Clothier Removes bounties, Trainer
Mainette Female Breton Acrobat 2 Footpad Helnim, Mjornir's Alehouse
Mera Telalu Female Dunmer Pauper 2 Footpad Helnim, The Red Drake Inn
Mrajasi Male Khajiit Thief 1 Wet Ear Helnim, Prison Expansion
Tiron Naren Male Dunmer Agent 3 Blackcap Helnim, Mjornir's Alehouse Trainer
Valtio Male Redguard Bard 3 Blackcap Helnim, The Red Drake Inn