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Great House Hlaalu
  • Narsis

Other Locations:

  • Andothren
  • Kragen Mar
Favored Skills:
Favored Attributes:
Friends & Foes:
Camonna Tong +1
Fighters Guild +1
Imperial Cult +1
Imperial Legion +1
Mages Guild +1
Tribunal Temple +1
House Redoran -1
House Telvanni -1
Thieves Guild -1
Ashlanders -2
Aundae Clan -2
Berne Clan -2
Quarra Clan -2
Sixth House -3
MW-banner-House Hlaalu.png
Areas of Morrowind controlled by House Hlaalu (yellow areas)

The Lord Vivec himself has been noted for remarking that in House Hlaalu lies the future of the Dunmer race. House Hlaalu is strong, widespread, wealthy, and noted for its ambitious proliferation into Vvardenfell; we are a house of peacemakers, if anything, and we are a house of Mer who seek above all to raise the quality of life for all the denizens of Morrowind. Our nobles lead all of houses in bringing the benefits of Imperial trade from the Cyrodiilic coffers to the hands of the common people: in our lands, no man is want of food or gold. By virtue of faith in the emperors, we can raise the Dunmer out of the darkness of their bloody, ash-swept past and into the light of catholic civilization, to the betterment of all.The Truth of the Hlaalu

House Hlaalu is one of the five Great Houses of Morrowind. It governs the Narsis District of western-central Morrowind from its ancient capital of Narsis. In the district of Vvardenfell, the house's council seat is located in Balmora.

Besides Narsis, major settlements on the mainland within Hlaalu territory include Andothren and Kragen Mar. Of the released areas, only Indal-ruhn and the plantations along the Thirr River are Hlaalu-controlled. Nav Andaram, currently a small shack village, will eventually become the player stronghold on the mainland.

For basic information about this faction, see the Morrowind article. A detailed look at the faction as it appears in Tamriel Rebuilt can be read on the mod's planning document for House Hlaalu.

Joining Great House Hlaalu[edit]

This faction cannot be joined on the mainland currently; visit the Hlaalu Manor in Balmora to do so.

Great House Hlaalu Ranks[edit]

Rank Required Attributes Required Skills
0. Hireling Speed 30 Agility 30
1. Retainer Speed 30 Agility 30 One skill at 10
2. Oathman Speed 30 Agility 30 One skill at 20
3. Lawman Speed 30 Agility 30 One skill at 30 and two at 5
4. Kinsman Speed 30 Agility 30 One skill at 40 and two at 10
5. House Cousin Speed 31 Agility 31 One skill at 50 and two at 15
6. House Brother Speed 32 Agility 32 One skill at 60 and two at 20
7. House Father Speed 33 Agility 33 One skill at 70 and two at 25
8. Councilman Speed 34 Agility 34 One skill at 80 and two at 30
9. Grandmaster Speed 35 Agility 35 One skill at 90 and two at 35

The old Mainland Great House Hlaalu had an entirely different set of names for ranks (Oathman, Kinsman, Tradesman, House Contractor, Bonded Agent, House Officer, Gnostic Officer, House Peer, Council Elector, Chancellor) and higher requirements for Speed starting with House Contractor: 31, 32, 33, 35, 36, 38, 40.

Great House Hlaalu Members[edit]

Name Gender Race Class Ranking Location Notes
Afernil Llaano Male Dunmer Noble 2 Oathman Helnim, Crystal Flower Inn
Ammu Silathran Female Dunmer Guard 3 Lawman Passur-Sur Lookout
Aryni Thando Male Dunmer Monk 4 Kinsman Necrom, Temple Hostel
Atran Oran Male Dunmer Warrior 8 Councilman Oran Plantation, Oran Manor: Atrium Trainer
Aure Salvani Female Dunmer Noble 4 Kinsman Gol Mok [3,-17]
Avon Hlaalu Male Dunmer Noble 6 House Brother Almas Thirr, Plaza
Bol Salvani Male Dunmer Sharpshooter 7 House Father Gol Mok, Salvani Manor
Calitia Female Imperial Archer 0 Hireling Almas Thirr [5,-28]
Camaia Female Redguard Commoner 0 Hireling Necrom, Waterfront [42,-10]
Dalave Varen Female Dunmer Agent 0 Hireling Old Ebonheart, Harbor Offices Trainer
Dalia Modril Female Dunmer Commoner 1 Retainer Vathras Plantation, Feles Modril's House
Dels Ravyn Male Dunmer Enforcer 2 Oathman Oran Plantation, Dels Ravyn's House
Doval Rarayn Male Dunmer Agent 2 Oathman Indal-ruhn, Doval Rarayn's House Trainer
Drala Galvomas Female Dunmer Warrior 0 Hireling Old Ebonheart, Docks [7,-18]
Dredase Devani Male Dunmer Scribe 0 Hireling Aren Manor, Guardhouse
Dro'Zhashu Male Khajiit Commoner 0 Hireling Aren Manor
Dunard Bauring Male Breton Merchant 3 Lawman Almas Thirr, Hall of Tribute
Enar Dothan Male Dunmer Smuggler 2 Oathman Aren Eggmine, Lower Level
Eraris Hludri Male Dunmer Enforcer 0 Hireling Old Ebonheart, Pride of Narusia: Upper Deck
Fadren Terandas Male Dunmer Mage 4 Kinsman Gratitude's Wake, Cabin
Feles Modril Male Dunmer Commoner 1 Retainer Vathras Plantation, Feles Modril's House
Fovas Valaai Male Dunmer Commoner 0 Hireling Gratitude's Wake, Upper Levels
Galvs Thalren Male Dunmer Guard 3 Lawman Vys-Ishra Lookout
Garvs Anrayn Male Dunmer Spellsword 4 Kinsman Indal-ruhn, Raran Manor
Gharabug gra-Marburz Female Orc Warrior 3 Lawman Aanthirin Region [4,-26]
Haladroth Male Bosmer Merchant 2 Oathman Old Ebonheart, Pride of Narusia: Cabin
Hlana Droryn Female Dunmer Drillmaster 1 Retainer Aren Manor, Guardhouse
Hormar Ahammudad Male Dunmer Merchant 4 Kinsman Nowhere
Jacchus Farragian Male Imperial Master-at-Arms 2 Oathman Oran Plantation [2,-25] Trainer
Jathmund the Uncivil Male Nord Guard 3 Lawman Pyr-Ilu Lookout
Lethys Mundrethi Male Dunmer Nightblade 6 House Brother Mundrethi Plantation, Manor
Llaalsa Vathras Female Dunmer Noble 5 House Cousin Vathras Plantation, Vathras Manor
Llananu Raran Female Dunmer Noble 5 House Cousin Indal-ruhn, Raran Manor
Llayno Mendraso Male Dunmer Guard 3 Lawman Oran Plantation, Oran Manor: Atrium
Llehra Sarani Female Dunmer Gondolier 2 Oathman Oran Plantation [3,-25]
Modava Mendraso Female Dunmer Guard 3 Lawman Dassur-Kur Lookout
Mols Hlarsis Male Dunmer Hunter 4 Kinsman Ebon Tower, Curia: Central Offices
Muzg gro-Maraguk Male Orc Enforcer 1 Retainer Vathras Plantation, Vathras Manor
Nadara Llarvan Female Dunmer Merchant 2 Oathman Mundrethi Plantation, Slave Market [4,-21]
Nerlis Male Dunmer Agent 1 Retainer Almas Thirr, Plaza Trainer
Nol gro-Yalagrump Male Orc Gondolier 0 Hireling Mundrethi Plantation, Slave Market [4,-21]
Obul gro-Obruglak Male Orc Warrior 3 Lawman Vyr-Moran Lookout
Orns Aren Male Bosmer Noble 6 House Brother Aren Manor
Polsirie Dalomo Female Dunmer Agent 2 Oathman Ebon Tower, Curia: Offices West
Ralam Hlaan Male Dunmer Guard 3 Lawman Passur-Sur Lookout
Raris Oran Male Dunmer Noble 6 House Brother Oran Plantation, Oran Manor: Private Quarters
Revim Milo Male Dunmer Scout 1 Retainer Aanthirin Region [0,-29] Trainer
S'Vosh Male Khajiit Merchant 0 Hireling Almas Thirr, Limping Scrib
Skalla Shield-Wright Female Nord Smith 2 Oathman Oran Plantation, Oran Manor: Private Quarters Merchant, Trainer, Blacksmith
Sover Dothril Male Dunmer Warrior 3 Lawman Vyr-Moran Lookout Trainer
Tenisi Mundrethi Female Dunmer Noble 4 Kinsman Mundrethi Plantation, Manor
Thromondor Male Bosmer Caretaker 0 Hireling Vathras Plantation, Vathras Manor
Ulvo Hlaari Male Dunmer Battlemage 6 House Brother Oran Plantation, Oran Manor: Vault
Valvane Oran Female Dunmer Noble 6 House Brother Oran Plantation, Oran Manor: Master Bedroom
Vanbaasa Female Khajiit Commoner 0 Hireling Aanthirin Region [0,-28]