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Llarethi Ancestral Tomb
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
# of Zones 2
Undead, Telvanni Wizards
Console Location Code(s)
Llarethi Ancestral Tomb
Boethiah's Spine, [24,17]
Llarethi Ancestral Tomb

Llarethi Ancestral Tomb is a medium-sized ancestral tomb, with undead guardians and a secret cult of Telvanni wizards.

The tomb lies to the southwest of Tel Ouada, at the end of a path leading to the shore of the river. It is inhabited by the usual undead guardians, but this tomb houses a secret cult as well. This band of people honors the words of Gilan Llarethi, who likely was interred in the tomb. All cult members are trained Telvanni wizards, and are quite good with weapons as well. Their headquarters are in a cave room called "Secret Hideout", although the entrance to the hideout isn't exactly hidden.

The loot is pretty good, as you can find a Veloth's tower shield and a scroll of windform in the main tomb. Cheli Llarethi carries her bow, which is unique and very good. Galienen carries a wizard's staff and Abirehar Velid carries two glass bracers and a daedric dagger. You can also find the unique book Gilan Llarethi's Speech.



Name Gender Race Class Level Faction Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location
Abirehar Velid Male Dunmer Assassin House Telvanni Spellwright(Spellwright) 22 141 154 0 30 Secret Hideout
Cheli Llarethi Female Dunmer Archer House Telvanni Caster(Caster) 19 157 108 0 30 Secret Hideout
Ethier Regradas Male Dunmer Battlemage House Telvanni Caster(Caster) 20 135 184 0 30 Tomb
Galienen Male Dunmer Mage House Telvanni Spellwright(Spellwright) 20 112 164 0 30 Secret Hideout
Traleg Indrothi Male Dunmer Alchemist House Telvanni Caster(Caster) 20 115 200 0 30 Secret Hideout


The Llarethi ancestral tomb