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Llara Lluvese (TR_m1_Llara_Lluvese)
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
Location Tel Ouada, The Magic Mudcrab
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Level 20 Class Agent
Training Short Blade (74)
Light Armor (68)
Sneak (64)
Other Information
Health 133 Magicka 122
Alarm 90 Fight 30
Llara Lluvese in The Magic Mudcrab

Llara Lluvese is a Dunmer agent who spends her time in The Magic Mudcrab, Tel Ouada. She is a medium trainer in Light Armor and Sneak, and the best Short Blade trainer on the mainland.

Lluvese has become suspicious of Ninari Dorvayn, a newcomer to Tel Ouada. She is looking for someone to investigate and uncover any secrets there might be.

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  • She was originally named Fanla Vinkis.