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Book Information
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
ID TR_i2_238_bk_scrollledger
Value 1 Weight 2
Found in the following locations:
Ledger for Scroll Procurement

Erimir - Scroll of Mark and 3 Scrolls of Recall

-Purpose: Set up teleport to personal chambers.

Valna Sipposoti - 1 Scroll of Flameguard

-Purpose: Preparation of Highly Combustible Potion

Bren Smitte - 2 Scrolls of Hellfire

-Purpose: Cooking

Bren: Your request has been denied - please see me and return those scrolls. -Aren

Telasene Res - 2 Scrolls of Healing and 2 Scrolls of Bodily Restoration

-Purpose: To use as supplements in healing.

Itesan Nessim - 2 Scrolls of Healing, 2 Scrolls of Fourth Barrier, 1 Scroll of Almsivi Intervention, 1 Scroll of Breva's Averted Eye's, and 3 Scrolls of Elemental Burst: Shock

-Purpose: Upcoming Expedition to Kemel-Ze