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Dwemer Ruin:
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
# of Zones 43
Archaeologists, Adventurers, Dwemer Creations
Console Location Code(s)
Helnim Fields, [22,-2]

Kemel-Ze is a huge Dwemer city inhabited by researching archaeologists, reckless adventurers and still-working Dwemer machines.

Since Kemel-Ze is so large, it makes sense to discuss all of its zones separately, which will be done below. Kemel-Ze is one of the largest and most famous of the Dwemer ruins in Morrowind. It is situated on a steep peninsula which juts out into the Inner Sea, together with the Telvanni town of Marog.

It has been plundered for a very long time, and this is why the first zones of the ruin are devoid of Dwemer items and machinery. The archaeologists of the Imperial Archaeological Society have taken up residence beyond these first zones and are determined to rout out all the secrets of the ruin. But, it is certain that there are still many unexplored areas in this ruin. The determined adventurer should worry about Dwemer machines and ancient Dwemer puzzles, though, to reach the bottom most chamber of this humongous ruin. Levitation and following maze solving behavior sticking to walls is recommended. The ruin has an uncanny ability to not match up where certain doors are, some rooms are 90° shifted to what the compass says. It has also 4 spots for Coherer for setpieces and one use of Spoiled Dwemer Oil to repair a lift. Bringing the oil saves you the hassle finding some, the Coherers can be removed so activate and reuse is possible, there are spawns for them although finding them after finding the receptabcles is a true chore.


Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Barmena Lletrith Male Dunmer Agent 14 107 108 100 30 Vels Trainer
Cirrus Terius Male Imperial Warrior 5 84 86 90 30 Outside
Corvus Male Imperial Mage 8 66 124 90 30 Archaeologist Base
Darenith Minvar Male Dunmer Thief 7 71 100 90 30 Cells of Scarab's Pass
Darran Flavius Male Imperial Noble 15 123 124 90 30 Dzuran
Durus Male Redguard Warrior 8 120 72 90 30 Dzuran
Ficois Meras Male Breton Mage 12 77 158 90 30 Archaeologist Base
Gaernol Mendis Male Dunmer Acrobat 4 0 86 0 0 Hall of Reason Already Dead
Hierafil Male Altmer Rogue 8 80 112 100 30 Btharkhz
Hiramas Merthu Male Dunmer Agent 7 71 94 100 30 Archaeologist Base Trainer
Imenas Llothril Male Dunmer Agent 5 60 88 100 30 Dzuran Trainer
Irvel Male Breton Thief 6 61 116 80 30 Runzchuk Merchant
Julian Arontus Male Imperial Warrior 10 127 94 100 30 Dzuran
Karsa Female Nord Alchemist 10 80 138 100 30 Archaeologist Base
Marcus Tabern Male Imperial Warrior 12 145 98 100 30 Aster
Nerav Falas Male Dunmer Thief 10 86 108 90 30 Skywatch Gallery
Nurlith Merin Male Dunmer Acrobat 6 76 88 90 30 Cells of Scarab's Pass
Renie Cierraise Female Breton Savant 17 109 180 100 30 Archaeologist Base
Roland Male Redguard Savant 10 94 114 100 30 Archaeologist Base

Room By Room Guide of Kemel-Ze[edit]

Archaeologist's Base[edit]

The Archaeologist's Base is, not surprisingly, the main base for the archaeologists in Kemel-Ze. It consists of three different levels: the bottom has Ficois Meras and a couple of guards; the middle has the guard captain, Roland, and Hiramas Merthu, a minor trainer in Short Blade, Destruction, and Light Armor; the top has Curvus, Karsa, and a guard. Renie Cierraise, the head of the expedition, is in a side room on the top level. There are four doors on the bottom level, the north one goes to Vels, the west one goes to Mfugchazn Tgun, and the two south ones go to Carkurngth.


Marcus's room
  • Loot (unowned): Rusty Cog x2
  • Loot (owned): Rusty Cog x5, Matze x4, Shein, Sujamma, ingredient containers x2
  • Connects to: Outside, Bzntch, Cells of Scarab's Pass
  • Noteable: All Steel Kegs contain no loot.
  • NPCs: Marcus Tabern(neutral)
  • Description: Aster is the entrance to Kemel-Ze. It contains minimal treasure, as it has been looted for hundreds of years. Marcus Tabern, who is cleaning up Darran Flavius' old campsite, is in the northwestern corner, and there are numerous drinks near him. The door to Bznch is to the west, and a door to Cells of Scarab's Pass is in the southeast.




First large room of Kemel Ze
The lift with crank
  • Loot (unowned): none
  • Connects to: Aster, Shorebreak Well, Dzuran
  • Noteable: Interactable crank and lift contraptions(x2), No containers
  • NPCs: none
  • Description: A large hall connected to a side chamber.


  • Loot (unowned): none
  • Connects to: Shorebreak Well, Cells of Scarab's Pass, Archaelogist's Base
  • Noteable: dead Steam Centurions x2
  • NPCs: none
  • Description: Connection tunnel from Entrance to the Archaeologist's Camp
  • Bugs (v.20.02.01):
    • Local map has remanents of outside structures
    • the entrances do not match up if put together (ladder to Scarab's pass should be on the other side of the cross section.

Cells of Scarab's Pass[edit]

Exploration team
  • Loot (unowned): none
  • Connects to: Aster, Carkurngth, Carzanch
  • Noteable: none
  • NPCs:Nurlith Merin, Darenith Minvar (neutral)
  • Description: There is little of interest here, aside from two NPCs, Darenith Minvar and Nurlith Merin, who don't seem to like you being around.


The largest of the submerged rooms contains a switch that reveals a set of hidden passageways. These passageways contain a set of vents meant to drain the water from Chefidz and fill Chefidz Bassin. The large submerged room also has a shelf with two keys. These keys can be used to unlock a technician's shaft and a cell door.

Chefidz Bassin[edit]

The water level in the room can be controlled using the release vents in Chefidz. When the water level is at its maximum, a ladder can be used to gain entrance to Render's Walk. A Dwemer coherer can be used to activate a large telescopic tube on the second floor.

Chimes of the Sculptor[edit]

Chorus of the Maker[edit]


Automatons in Chungkefpz

In order to get the lever to work, you will need the Spoiled Dwemer Oil from deeper in the ruins. This will allow the platform to work, allowing access to Chungkefpz Urchurmz.


Chuntench is a room consisting of a large bridge, two doors to Runzchuk, and an extraordinarily dark pit. A night-eye or light spell is recommended for venturing into the pit, however, there is nothing in the pit aside from a divine intervention scroll. High acrobatics, a levitate spell, or a jump spell are recommended if entering the pit as well, as the walls surrounding it are very steep. This is potentially why the divine intervention scroll was placed at the bottom of the pit.

Creeping Vale[edit]

Creeping Vale is the area in between Rzarch and the King's Tomb. It contains a little bit of dwemer loot, as well as a guard, who will warn you not to disturb anything in the King's Tomb.


Four valves can be found in the south room. One of these four will activate a bridge over at least one of the pools of lava. Another will activate a hidden passageway to Olchunz.



You see this big machine in here? I think it was probably some kind of heating device due to the presence of some molten rock inside it.
Darran Flavius, on topic "little secret"
Lights in Dzuran
Heating chamber and a Walker
  • Loot (unowned): Rusty Cog
  • Loot (owned): Book: The Ruins of Kemel Ze, Ingredient container x5, Weapon crate,
  • Connects to: Bzntch
  • Noteable: Light rod in main room, Heating device in side room, Dead Steam Centurion
  • NPCs:Imperial Guard, Durus, Imenas Llothril, Julian Arontus, Darran Flavius (neutral)
  • Description:A small side room and 2 huge halls. One with a central light rod surrounded by 2 dwarven statues and 2 dwarven mechs the other with a central "heating unit" although it is targeted by a [Walker] on a bridge up on a pedestal which is odd being unreachable without levitation and no need for it being there
  • Bugs (v.20.02.01): A lava pool next to the heating unit has no damage applied to it even though an unreachable pool inside the unit has


Hall of Lzigat[edit]

Hall of Reason[edit]


The lava pit of Karkanch

A very impressive lava pit. A series of levers can be used to activate a device that's apparently needed for power generation.


Sentinel opening the just picked door
  • Loot (unowned): Journeyman's hammer, Rusty cog, Light armor set, Dwemer pitcher
  • Connects to: Cells of Scarab's Pass
  • Noteable:Lvl 80 locked door, empty locked chests/dresser, Steel Keg loot, a conventional Armorer's Hammer in an unexplored section of a ruin.
  • NPCs: Sentinel Centurion (hostile)
  • Description: Karzanch is the first place in Kemel-Ze with anything of real interest. Without lockpicking nothing can be found here, picking the door reveals a random dwarven weapon enemy and a light armor set with random weapon additionally with some keg loot (ebonite, glass, scrap etc...)

King's Tomb[edit]

The King's Tomb

The King's Tomb is a large hall with many large, broken Centurions. It has a console where you can place a Dwemer coherer to turn on the lights. This is the famous hall mentioned in the book, Ruins of Kemel-Ze.

Mfugchazn Tgun[edit]

Mfugchazn Tgun is a small section linking the Archaeologist's Base, Skywatch Gallery, and the Tower of Requiem. It holds little of interest aside from a key under the table in the north room which opens a door in the Tower of Requiem.


A massive lava pit with little else of interest.

Pillar of Learning[edit]

Render's Walk[edit]


Runzchuck consists of a main room and a few dead end hallways. In the main room is Irvel, a Breton artifact thief, who will sell you a small, non-restocking supply of miscellaneous dwemer artifacts.


Rzarch is basically a long hallway with multiple small rooms containing notable amounts of gems and Dwemer coins. It has (from north to south) doors to Vels, Creeping Vale, and Stafaznir.

Shorebreak Well[edit]

  • Loot (unowned): none
  • Connects to: Bzntch, Chuntench, Carkurngth
  • Noteable:Dead Sphere Centurion in a side room
  • NPCs: none
  • Description: Shorebreak Well has a couple hallways leading a central room with miscellaneous Dwemer contraptions.

Skywatch Gallery[edit]

Skywatch gallery is notable only for Nerav Felas, an admitted looter who is in the observatory. Otherwise it is completely empty.


Tower of Requiem[edit]

The Tower of Requiem has a single guard standing near a door which can only be unlocked by a key found in Mfugchazn Tgun. Beyond the trap door is a Greater Dwarven Spectre, a little bit of loot and another key.

Trust of Lzigat[edit]

Veil of Heartfire[edit]


Forgotten city, Vels

Vels is a large area with a hallway section that leads to the Archaeologist's Base, Chungkefpz, and Btharkhz, as well as a plaza with many smaller buildings, a trap door to Rzarch, and Barmena Lletrith, who is a trainer. The buildings in Vels are Tiuzanch, Oncharanch, Nzadanch, Gurzanch, and Druchanch. Oncharanch and Druchanch have a little bit of miscellaneous dwemer loot.

Wake of Starborne[edit]



This map shows the way throughout Kemel-Ze, and how big this ruin really is Kemel Ze as viewed from the local map collaged together

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