Tes3Mod:Tamriel Rebuilt/Illusion Spells

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MW-icon-effect-Blind.jpg Blind[edit]

Spell Cost Spellbook
100pts for 15sec on Touch
60 A Mother's Diary

MW-icon-effect-Calm Creature.jpg Calm Creature[edit]

Spell Cost Spellbook
Serene Nature
10 points for 30 seconds on Touch

MW-icon-effect-Chameleon.jpg Chameleon[edit]

Spell Cost Spellbook
Smoke and Mirrors
100 points for 10 seconds on Target
60 Breakout

MW-icon-effect-Charm.jpg Charm[edit]

Spell Cost Spellbook
Alluring Speech
15-20 points for 20 seconds on Touch

MW-icon-effect-Demoralize Creature.jpg Demoralize Creature[edit]

Spell Cost Spellbook
Monstrous Vision
30 points for 15 seconds on Touch

MW-icon-effect-Invisibility.jpg Invisibility[edit]

Spell Cost Spellbook
Shameful Cowardice
For 10 seconds on Self
5 Hand in Hand

MW-icon-effect-Light.jpg Light[edit]

Spell Cost Spellbook
Azura's Light
20 points for 120 seconds on Self
10 A Prayer to Azura

MW-icon-effect-Night Eye.jpg Night-Eye[edit]

Spell Cost Spellbook
Orc's Eye
30 points for 30 seconds on Self
8 Seeking Home

MW-icon-effect-Paralyze.jpg Paralyze[edit]

Spell Cost Spellbook
Living Statue
For 20 seconds on Touch
30 The Most Cruel Trade

MW-icon-effect-Rally Humanoid.jpg Rally Humanoid[edit]

Spell Cost Spellbook
30 points in 20 feet for 30 seconds on Touch
8 Steadfast

MW-icon-effect-Sanctuary.jpg Sanctuary[edit]

Spell Cost Spellbook
Falen's Justice
50 points for 15 seconds on Target
45 A Small Kindness

MW-icon-effect-Sound.jpg Sound[edit]

Spell Cost Spellbook
50 points for 20 seconds on Self
100 Chaotically scrawled note