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This is a list of isolated homes and buildings around the mainland of Morrowind.

Abandoned Shack — A tiny shack on a hill, left alone by civilization.
Adosi Rothari's Shack — An isolated dwelling belonging to a guar herder.
Amanil Gratis' Shack
Astius Claenia's Hideout — A cave hidden in the Boethiah's Spine northeast of Llothanis.
Barathmuk gro-Bagrat's shack
Darith Garsun's Shack
Dassur-Kur Lookout
Dathren Shack
Derelict Shack — A rotting, overgrown shack to the southwest of Ildrim.
Dulun Varethi's Shack
Duvana's Shack
Endelius' Shack — An isolated homestead on an island east of Edhryn Farothran's Lighthouse.
Erda's Shack
Erelis Ilnim's Cave
Eroth Island Shack
Forsaken Shack
Garvs and Fedura Ovav's Shack
Gurilo Farmhouse — A small farm in the Nedothril region.
Hjotir's Rock House — The home of a reclusive master-at-arms on the shore of the Sea of Ghosts, near Baldrahn.
Hlorgir Firm-Hand's Shack
Hunted Hound Inn — A small inn north of Seitur.
Jaran's Shack — A shack in the Alt Orethan region just south of Meralag.
Lagat gra-Lumbak's Shack — A shack in the Sundered Scar region.
Lagryn Darys' Shack — A small farmhouse just southwest of Llothanis.
Lanasa Vidanes' Shack — An isolated shack in the Boethiah's Spine.
Lleris Dalmar's Hideout
Llethnen Indri's Shack — A shack in the Padomaic Ocean region.
Loen Doldal's Shack — The isolated dwelling belonging to a silt-strider farmer.
Lost Shack
Mendris Terif's Shack
Morvil Arelath's Shack — An isolated farm west of Tel Muthada and south of Marog.
Murva Inveru's Shack
Nalrin Vere's Shack — The home of a flower farmer, deep in the countryside.
Nethil Farmhouse — A small farm growing comberry, corkbulb, and meadow rye.
Nilvendu Farmhouse — A small farm in the Nedothril region.
Passur-Sur Lookout
Pedivur's Tower — An isolated home in the Mephalan Vales.
Plundered Shack
Pyr-Ilu Lookout
Ranis Arthyn's House
Relas Shack
Revea Telam's Shack
Serim Derthil's Shack
Sevilo Raboban's Shack
Silvin's Shack — A shack in the Alt Orethan region.
Suryn Hamanour's Shack
Valsi Farmhouse — A small farm in the Nedothril region.
Velk Camp
Vyr-Moran Lookout
Vys-Ishra Lookout
Yeva Gahne's Shack
Yrgjol Steelfist's Shack — A small shack on a lonely island, inhabited by an arms salesman.
Zuldassur Manor