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Raiders are attacking caravans near Firewatch.
Quest Giver: Fedrin Adlan in Firewatch
Location(s):  ?
Reward:  ?
ID: TR_m1_FW_HighwayRobbery
This quest has been removed in the latest version but still exists in some earlier versions. Judging by a message left in the Construction Set, it is being revamped to clear up some confusion, and it's likely that it will reappear in a future release.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

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Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

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Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Highway Robbery (TR_m1_FW_HighwayRobbery)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
6 Green-Eyes the apothecary told me that Orcish raiders stole three potions from him. Apparently he isn't the only merchant that has been stolen from in Firewatch. He told me to talk to Fedrin Adlan.
7 Chatal Mendor, the armorer, told me that a band of raiders led by a female Orc has been robbing merchants in Firewatch. I should talk to Fedrin Adlan for more details.
8 Firewatch weaponsmith Var Iron-Grip told me that a band of raiders stole a viperaxe and a viperskewer from him. Fedrin Adlan has more information.
9 Brandir Zabaal, the general store owner, told me that five silver plates had been stolen from his shop by some Orcish brigands. He suggested I talk to Fedrin Adlan.
10 The clothier Fedrin Adlan told me that a band of brigands led by an Orcish woman stole four expensive shirts from his store. He also tells me that Brandir Zabaal, Var Iron-Grip, Chatal Mendor, and Green-Eyes have also been robbed by the same thieves. According to Fedrin Adlan, the brigands' camp somewhere to the northwest of Firewatch.
20 An Imperial guard told me that Legionnaires have been lost on patrols northwest of Firewatch.
30 I have discovered a camp of Orcs led by a woman named Agurz gra-Murzum. I accused her of the attacks on the Firewatch merchants and her band attacked me.
35 I have discovered a camp of Orcs led by a woman named Agurz gra-Murzum. When I asked about the Orcish raiders, she thought I was accusing her, and I narrowly avoided a fight. I should try to gain her trust before mentioning the raiders again.
38 Yazorku gra-Shuarg doubts that the raiders would attack anyone north of Firewatch because the road doesn't go anywhere. The road south of Firewatch leads to other cities in the area, so it's a much more likely staging area.
39 Urob gro-Narob claims he saw a campfire a few nights ago, further to the northwest. He could hear voices, but he didn't see how many people were there. He also believes he heard a guar.
40 Agurz gra-Murzum is a former legionnaire who leads a group of Orcs who call themselves the Marrowmoth Legion. She told me that Urob gro-Narob believes he saw a campfire a few nights ago. I should speak to the rest of the group too.
45 At an abandoned campsite, I have discovered a crate containing one of the silver plates stolen from Brandir Zabaal. However, the raiders have clearly moved on from this site. Perhaps they are no longer to the northwest of Firewatch.
50 I showed Agurz gra-Murzum the plate I found and she told me the Marrowmoth Legion would help to bring these raiders to justice in any way they could.
60 I was accosted by a band of raiders on the road south of Firewatch. I agreed to pay them 1000 gold.
61 Var Iron-Grip called me weak for paying the raiders instead of facing them.
62 Brandir Zabaal was scornful that I yielded to the brigands.
63 Green-Eyes was upset that I failed to recover his potions.
64 Charal Mendor was not happy that I gave in to the brigands.
65 ☑Finishes quest Fedrin Adlan chastised me for my cowardice.
70 I was accosted by a band of raiders on the road south of Firewatch and I refused to pay them 1000 gold for passage. They attacked me.
75 The Marrowmoth Legion has joined me to fight the raiders.
80 All of the raiders have been killed.
81 Chatal Mendor was pleased that I returned his stolen Imperial armor.
82 Green-Eyes was glad that I fought the raiders and brought back his potions.
83 Brandir Zabaal was grateful that I had recovered the silver that had been stolen from him.
84 Var Iron-Grip was happy to see his enchanted weapons again.
85 ☑Finishes quest Fedrin Adlan thanked me for recovering his expensive shirts.
100 ☑Finishes quest Fedrin Adlan was pleased that I had defeated the raiders.