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Helnim Hall
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
Almsivi Intervention Holamayan Monastery
Divine Intervention Helnim
Governor Contumious Flavius
Console Location Code(s)
Helnim, Helnim Hall
Helnim, [25,1]
Helnim Hall

Helnim Hall is a copious castle located in the center of Helnim, the Governor's residence. It is inhabited by the governor of Helnim, Contumious Flavius, and it has everything his corrupt heart desires. The fort is the headquarters of the East Empire Company as well. The fort is divided in four cells.

The main cell is at the ground story and the main hall of Helnim Hall is located here. In the main hall stands the steward, Llethran Narad, who arranges most of the matters in the politics of Helnim. Also in the main cell you can find the treasury, the kitchens, the guard quarters and a small Imperial Cult shrine led by Curo Marinus. The two guard towers at the front of the castle have an interior cell as well, though nothing of any interest can be found there.

The East Empire Headquarters are located in the northern wing of the castle. It is led by Lorus Avius from his large office. The rest of the headquarters consist of a study, sleeping quarters and a small dining room at the top of the wing for the faction members of the East Empire Company.

The largest section of the castle is the Governor's Quarters. You can find a huge dining room, a few exquisite bedrooms and two living rooms in the quarters. You will probably understand why Contumious Flavius almost never leaves his quarters once you have visited them.


  • The rumors that the Governor is indulged in wine and women is not without truth, if you visit the topmost bedroom in the Governor's Quarters you'll understand why.
  • If you are a thief, you might want to steal from the treasury. It isn't guarded well, and it contains objects like for example an Adamantium Shortsword.


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Conjur Male Bosmer Commoner 1 35 80 100 30 Governor's Quarters
Contumious Flavius Male Breton Noble 23 166 170 80 30 Governor's Quarters Governor of Helnim
Culenne Mair Female Breton Alchemist East Empire Company Underling(Underling) 7 54 158 90 30 East Empire Company Headquarters
Curo Marinus Male Imperial Priest Imperial Cult Adept(Adept) 7 65 96 80 30 Helnim Hall
Cyria Flavius Female Imperial Noble 14 117 122 100 30 Governor's Quarters
Erville Male Breton Merchant East Empire Company Underling(Underling) 6 68 136 90 30 East Empire Company Headquarters
Ferag gro-Arog Male Orc Warrior 20 214 90 100 30 Governor's Quarters
Ferie Female Breton Commoner 4 53 106 90 30 Helnim Hall
Finds-Men Male Argonian Agent East Empire Company Clerk(Clerk) 7 66 94 90 30 East Empire Company Headquarters Trainer
Hafinsil Male Altmer Savant 9 74 150 100 30 Helnim Hall
Helrus Jeral Male Imperial Knight Imperial Legion Champion(Champion) 18 169 118 90 30 Governor's Quarters
Hides-Him Male Argonian Commoner 1 40 80 80 30 Helnim Hall
Hurgun gro-Martag Male Orc Commoner 2 58 62 90 30 Helnim Hall
Kerlag Male Nord Mage 22 130 152 80 30 Governor's Quarters
Kojan Male Redguard Savant East Empire Company Steward(Steward) 8 84 106 90 30 East Empire Company Headquarters
Llethran Narad Male Dunmer Agent 10 86 100 90 30 Helnim Hall Trainer
Lorus Avius Male Imperial Noble East Empire Company Factor(Factor) 15 123 124 100 30 East Empire Company Headquarters
Ralten Affinia Male Imperial Alchemist Service Mages Guild Journeyman(Journeyman) 7 64 138 90 30 Mages Guild Relay Merchant
Selura Female Dunmer Nightblade Great House Telvanni Oathman(Oathman) 16 92 112 90 30 Governor's Quarters
Simpremus Comnor Male Imperial Guild Guide Mages Guild Evoker(Evoker) 8 66 124 90 30 Mages Guild Relay Transport
Zaren Hammebenat Male Dunmer Merchant East Empire Company Underling(Underling) 9 93 126 90 30 East Empire Company Headquarters