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Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
# of Zones 1
Console Location Code(s)
Boethiah's Spine, [25,10]

Hashucivodulnassu is a large cave containing orcs who have discovered a lost daedric shrine.

Crucifixions in the northern room
Sacrifice on the altar

To reach the cave, head across the bridge outside Tel Oren and then head southeast across a rock field and past Gra-Ghosh The Skullkeeper. Keep heading southeast up to the foot of the mountains then bear east towards a rock arch. Before reaching the arch, another will appear on your left. Head north under it and the entrance to the cave will be on your right.

The cave is inhabited by five NPCs who seem to practice human sacrifice. In the north is a chamber where two corpses hang crucified, while a third lies slumped against a rock nearby. In the east, a fresher corpse lies on an elaborate daedric altar.

There isn't much treasure. Two rooms in the center of the cave hold a few minor pieces of loot, with the highlight being two pieces of Orcish armor in a chest.


Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Agrob gro-Largum Male Orc Barbarian 22 194 94 0 30
Dead Sacrifice Female Dunmer Acrobat 1 0 100 0 30 Already dead
Murzush gra-Ushul Female Orc Priest 22 136 138 0 30
Olfin gro-Boglar Male Orc Warrior 15 178 82 0 30
Sharkub gro-Ushar Male Orc Warrior 15 178 82 0 30
Yazgash gra-Burish Female Orc Mage 18 112 158 0 30


Map of Hashucivodulnassu