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Book Information
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
ID TR_m1_sc_GreenEyesPoisonBook_b
Value 0 Weight 3
Related to Muscle Green-Eyes
Found in the following locations:
Green-Eyes' Logbook

...and purchased potion mixed with formula 36. Subject seems unaware of treatment's nature. Received payment of 65 drakes. --3E 426, 1st Second Seed

Subject showing no ill effects. Application of formula 36 apparently ineffective. Must review notes. --3E 426, 3rd Second Seed

Subject suffering from chronic abdominal spasms. Formula 36 apparently slow-acting. Subject requests cure for pain -- excellent opportunity to try formula 37. Administered dose of formula 36 antidote plus formula 37. Received 115 drakes as payment. --3E 426, 6th Second Seed

Subject fell into coma. Initial test successful. Death would ordinarily result within three days. Subject's spouse requesting remedy for his condition; formula 37 antidote (under pretense of curing disease) administered. Received 560 drakes for remedy. --3E 426, 8th Second Seed

Subject recovering from effects. Estimated market value of formula 37 is 470 drakes, excluding manufacturing fees. Estimated market value of formula 37 antidote is 620 drakes. Should not continue tests on subject, in effort to avoid suspicion. --3E 426, 9th Second Seed

New subject acquired for test of formula 38...


...Ordinary large kwama egg mixed with ampoule pod produces paralyzing agent. Added to formula 213 for effectiveness. Perhaps agent can be applied to arrows? --3E 427, 8th Last Seed

Received contract. Excellent opportunity to test new Paralytic Arrows. --3E 427, 9th Last Seed

Contract completed. Arrows far more efficient than originally expected; initial strike rendered target helpless, dagger provided swift death. Payment of 7500 drakes received. Lost contract document, unfortunately. Presumably inside house somewhere. --3E 427, 12th Last Seed

General DB alert sent about %PCRace on Vvardenfell. Reward in excess of 25,000 drakes. Said %PCRace must be important. Research, however, demands personal attention. DB will have to rely on its own members. --3E 427, 17th Last Seed