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ID TR_m1_bk_GilanSpeech_Uni
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Gilan Llarethi's Speech

My fellow Telvanni,

Within memory of our generation, an unexpected aggressor brought us a decade of long, hard exile. Our homes and lives were turned upside down and inside out by an enemy we never imagined would strike so boldly, and so far north. But strike the Cyrodiils did and - though they style themselves civilized - theirs was a heavy blow. Banished from lands that had been ours for yesterdays immemorial, the hopes of our progeny were put to the torch while the Imperial savages ran through our blood with iron and steel. They swept into our land, and brought with them naught but agony and darkness, hardship and ruination.

We have bided our time, all ten years of it. Within the walls of this tomb, within the protective embrace of our ancestors' arms, we have nurtured our thoughts, our desires to return to our beloved home. With the stern discipline of our craft, with the single-mindedness of our dreams, with the fortitude lacking in men, we have the opportunity to deliver ourselves from the cruel hand fate has dealt. My steady followers, I tell you now that all we have hoped for for the past decade now lies within arm's reach.

Through secrecy, cunning, wit, skill, and bravery, a recent mission within the ranks of our chief enemy among the Cyrodiils, Meritius Vinnus, has revealed the tenuous nature of his position. His acts, terrible and selfish, are those of a tyrant. A weak and fearful man, he has kept his immoral conduct in our lands largely secret from his superior officers. Such isolation makes him vulnerable. Because he knows his horrible actions would be uncovered if he requested aid from his superiors, the only help he dares request is that of his false gods, who of course answer not. No, there will be no rescue for Meritius Vinnus, no protection from on high, and no mercy from us.

I said victory is within arm's reach, but it is actually much closer. For in my palm I hold it now, the treaty Meritius Vinnus will sign. With this scrap of paper, there will be no disputing that our town will be ours again, that the Dunmer are the rightful inhabitants, that the Imperial dogs will forevermore be gone from at least our stretch of land. If Meritius is of a mind to refuse his signature, then those above him in Firewatch will be fully informed of his foul deeds, for which he would doubtless be executed. Before the ink is dry, I assure you we will be free once again to live our lives in quiet, solitude, harmony, and peace in the walls of our own houses, within the acreage of our own town. It will not be what we had before, not exactly, but we will have gained a large concession without shedding a drop of our blood. And one day, we will fulfill not just our dreams, but the dreams of all Morrowind, that the foul foreigners are driven not merely from Bal Oyra, but all Dunmeri lands. That happy future may be hazy, but our path is much clearer.

Fear not fellow Telvanni. Our day comes very soon.

Gilan Llarethi,
19th of Hearthfire,