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Looking across the western tip of the island, over Sadas Plantation towards the mainland
Stone fields at the eastern end of the island, looking past Port Telvannis towards Bthzundcheft
Looking east towards Yashazmus from the Sadas Plantation

Vahn Isle is the largest island in the Telvanni Isles. Although it hosts the capital of all the House Telvanni lands, Port Telvannis, most of the island is undeveloped, with the only other settlement of significant size being Sadas Plantation on its westernmost tip.

One reason for Vahn's lack of development might be its terrain. The island is extremely hilly, and most of the flatter areas are packed with standing stones, while the sandier areas away from the hills are full of mushroom growths. In ancient times, the Dwemer built the now-decaying facility of Bthzundcheft. The daedric ruin of Yashazmus can also be found on Vahn Isle, although it long ago succumbed to the local vegetation.


  • Vahn Isle was originally named Gahvan Isle.




Ancestral Tombs[edit]


Dwemer Ruins[edit]

  • Bthzundcheft — A large Dwemer Ruin in danger of complete destruction by the local vegetation.

Daedric Shrines[edit]



House Telvanni[edit]

Tribunal Temple[edit]

Thieves Guild[edit]