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Gaezash gro-Gumph (TR_m2_Geazash)
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
Location Telvanni Library, Eastern Tower: Lower Tower
Race Orc Gender Male
Level 20 Class Warrior
Other Information
Health 214 Magicka 90
Alarm 100 Fight 30
Faction(s) Great House Telvanni 0(Hireling)
Gaezash gro-Grumph

Geazash gro-Gumph is the outer guardian of the Telvanni Library. The library is protected by a ghostfence (which is strong because it is made out of the souls of former librarians) and Gaezash is the only person who can lower the ghostfence for you. He will only do this when you are a Telvanni yourself or if you are very smart (if you have an intelligence which is higher or equal to 70). If you have a crime level, you can't enter as well.

The background of Geazash is shady at best. Since the former defenders of the library were dremora, one may question if Gaezash is a Telvanni creation. It is also entirely possible that they chose him to be the outer defense of the library because of his fighting prowess. In any case, it would be wise not to worry him since he is the only way to enter the library.

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