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Fort Umbermoth
Added by: Tamriel Rebuilt
Alignment: Imperial
Region: Sacred Lands

Almsivi Intervention:

Divine Intervention:

  • Fort Umbermoth
  • 2 Merchants
  • Blacksmith
  • Trainer
Fort Umbermoth

Fort Umbermoth is a tiny Imperial fort located in the Sacred Lands just south of Sailen. It is notable mostly as the destination for Divine Intervention from much of the Sacred East areas.

Getting There and Around[edit]

Reaching the fort is as simple as casting Divine Intervention from anywhere between Necrom and Meralag. Alternatively, you can cast Almsivi Intervention to get to nearby Sailen and walk south from there. You will also wind up here if you get arrested anywhere nearby.

Places of Interest Around Fort Umbermoth[edit]

There is very little of interest in this tiny fort, but you can visit the Imperial Cult shrine on the second floor, or if you've been arrested, you can find your confiscated goods in the evidence chest in the dungeon level.


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Cinia Andacia Female Imperial Knight Imperial Legion Knight Protector(Knight Protector) 21 187 124 100 30 Interior
Clodian Male Imperial Healer Imperial Cult Disciple(Disciple) 13 87 106 100 30 Shrine
Ennah Female Redguard Smith Imperial Legion Agent(Agent) 11 137 76 100 30 Interior Merchant, Blacksmith
Fara Female Bosmer Apothecary Service Imperial Legion Agent(Agent) 7 55 132 100 30 Interior Merchant
Mothas Sarem Male Dunmer Master-at-Arms Imperial Legion Champion(Champion) 15 172 102 100 30 Interior Trainer
Tul Male Argonian Slave 4 60 84 100 30 Interior
Vevul Gilnith Male Dunmer Rogue 9 92 92 100 30 Interior


Fort Umbermoth
Fort Umbermoth (interiors)