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Tamriel Rebuilt introduces a few new factions and plenty of new members to existing factions. The new factions are technically defined by Tamriel_Data, and all of its defined factions are listed here.

Before update 17.09, there were separate "Mainland"-prefixed versions of the joinable factions, and these still exist unused in Tamriel_Data. This divide was justified by dialogue mentioning a quarantine affecting Vvardenfell due to the Blight. While this approach allowed the mod to avoid quest conflicts, the decision was made to simply use the base game factions and resolve any issues like advancement speed with an optional TR_Factions plugin.

New Factions[edit]

These factions do not have a presence on Vvardenfell, Mournhold, Solstheim, or other provinces and therefore are exclusive to mainland Morrowind.

Major Existing Factions[edit]

These factions were originally split into Vvardenfell and Mainland branches, but are now one. Generally, these are the factions that you choose to join and complete questlines with.

Minor Existing Factions[edit]

These are factions that were never split before 17.09. While some are joinable, they generally don't offer many quests.

* This faction has no members in the base game, so it is essentially new.


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