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Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
ID TR_M2_bk_exclog
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Found in the following locations:
Excavation Log

[This appears to be some sort of log or journal depicting the excavation operations being conducted by the sorcerers in this cave]

Day Seven

While exploring the cavern, we have stumbled upon what appears to be ruins of a hut. By the workings of the stone and the patterns on the roof, we have determined the hut to be an ancient Chimer dwelling! If this is true, there must be a larger set of ruins nearby. However, the passage from this room seems to be blocked, and underwater. However, I am optimistic because the discovery of these ruins will bring us fortunes and riches! Richer than we would ever be with those damn Telvanni!

Day Ten

Samus has brought some Argonian slaves from the market. Excellent. Just what we need, a few workers. Their ability to swim and breathe underwater will prove useful when digging through those tough underwater passages. I have immediately set them to work on digging out the passage. Hopefully, within the next few days, we will find more huts, and possibly a larger ruin beyond that.

Day Twenty-Five

Progress is slow. The rocks seem to be made of pyrite. This rock is so hard, it breaks the picks of our slaves. However, this venture must continue. Today, our workers found the ruins of another hut. A close inspection shows that this hut is similar in structure than the one we found earlier. There should be another hut somewhere down the passage, and possibly an entrance to the interior of the structure.

Day Thirty-Seven

Damn those Argonians! This morning, one of them managed to escape their pens! His name was Short-Leg. Short work we made of him too. He did not make it farther than the waterfall chasm. We dumped his worthless corpse into the pool for the slaughterfishes. This will teach those n'wahs not to mess around with us. We have also doubled their shifts to speed up progress on the tunnel. That will make them think twice before attempting such escapes again.

Day Forty-Five

Elindale has complained to me about the slow progress. I explained to her it was because of those Argonains, but she wouldn't listen! She has threatened to abort the excavation if it does not turn in any feasible results by month's end. In order to increase efficiency, I am offering means only for those that actually do some work!

Day Forty-Nine

Success! We have found another structure in the lower passage. It seems to be that of a fort. This clearly indicates we have found some sort of ancient Chimer fortress! However, we have yet to find an entrance into the ruin. Hopefully, the next couple of days will be luckier than the ones we have had so far....

Day Fifty-Three

Damn! One of the caverns collapsed on us! Three of the workers were killed, and we lost some valuable space to work with. The cavern seems to be unstable. These elusive ruins seem to want to hide something from us.

Day Sixty

I have decided to not re-excavate the collapsed cavern. Such a venture would prove futile, and be a waste of labor. There must be some other way into the ruins. I have ordered the slaves to dig another tunnel downwards and underwater. Hopefully this time, some results.

Day Seventy-Six

We have found the ruins of what seems to be a dome-like structure. These are common in large Chimer structures. It is known that larger ruins have multiple structures in their exteriors. We are certainly onto something big. If only the conditions were better.....

Day Eighty-Four

Those damned Argonians! Again, they have shown their incompetence. Today, two of them died in a hunger strike. Let those n'wahs starve for all I care. I just want what's in that structure.......I WANT IT ALL.