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Assist a smuggler with his operation.
Quest Giver: Aarlen Lleranoth in Helnim
Location(s): Helnim
Reward: 200 gold, Dwarven Staff or Glass Staff
ID: TR_m2_He_Dwmr

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

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Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

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Quest Stages[edit]

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Dwemer Dealings (TR_m2_He_Dwmr)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Aarlen Lleranoth, the pawnbroker in Helnim, has asked me to help him deliver some 'delicate goods' to his friend Mirabelle. He gave me some flasks which he said belonged to Mirabelle, but also gave me a Dwemer Coherer, which he claimed is a gift for Mirabelle to excuse his lateness of returning them. It seems fairly obvious he is dealing in smuggling, so I can either take this to Mirabelle as he asked, or report him to a nearby guard.
15 The Helnim Guards recommended I report the smuggling straight to Caedan Jorval.
20 ☑Finishes quest I told Caedan Jorval about Aarlen Lleranoth's smuggling plans. Jorval thanked me, took the items, and sent for Mirabelle and Lleranoth to be arrested.
30 I've delivered Aarlen Lleranoth's 'gift' to Mirabelle. Mirabelle let me keep the flasks as a reward.
40 Aarlen Lleranoth was pleased that I delivered his goods to Mirabelle, and nonchalantly rewarded me with a Dwarven Staff. He asked me for a final task to run a message to his friend Afernil Llaano at Crystal Flower Inn. He trusted me enough to inform me that the Hlaalu are behind his trade in an attempt to weaken Telvanni presence in Helnim. Perhaps it would be worthwhile for a Telvanni Guard to hear this?
50 Afernil Llaano thanked me for delivering Aarlen Lleranoth's message.
60 ☑Finishes quest Aarlen Lleranoth thanked me for delivering the message, and rewarded me with 200 gold pieces.
75 I informed a Telvanni guard about Aarlen Lleranoth's involvement with the Telvanni, who assured me that they would 'take care' of Afernil Llaano and Lleranoth. I was told I could pick up some kind of reward from Vyhlathri Asharai, who resides in Tel Narrusa's Telvanni Council Chambers.
100 ☑Finishes quest Vyhlathri Ashara thanked me with a Glass Staff, promising that incentives would always be available for those who aid the Telvanni.
110 ☑Finishes quest I've killed Aarlen Lleranoth, and in the process, destroyed the Dwemer smuggling ring in Helnim.