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Ancient Ruin:
Dun Akafell
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
# of Zones 16
Console Location Code(s)
"Dun Akafell"
"Dun Akafell Canals"
"Dun Akafell, Chapel Altar"
"Dun Akafell, Entrance"
"Dun Akafell, Forgotten Tunnels"
"Dun Akafell, Forgotten Vault"
"Dun Akafell, Forgotten Vault, Upper Floor"
"Dun Akafell, Forsaken Manor"
"Dun Akafell, Forsaken Manor, Basement"
"Dun Akafell, Manor Basement"
"Dun Akafell, Manor Entrance"
"Dun Akafell, Manor Upper Floor"
"Dun Akafell, Ominous Manor"
"Dun Akafell, Ominous Manor Second floor"
"Dun Akafell, Rectory"
"Dun Akafell, Ruined Chapel"
"Dun Akafell, Ruined House"
Mephalan Vales
Dun Akafell

Dun Akafell is a vast ancient ruin in the Mephalan Vales west of Akamora

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Map of the ruins
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