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Daranith Ancestral Tomb
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
# of Zones 1
Console Location Code(s)
Daranith Ancestral Tomb
Boethiah's Spine, [23,15]
Daranith Ancestral Tomb

Daranith Ancestral Tomb is a medium-sized ancestral tomb far northwest of Ranyon-ruhn inhabited by undead.

To reach the tomb take the road which leaves Ranyon-ruhn from the west, and then take the turn to the north. Keep following this road until you reach the tomb, which is under a stone arch at the side of the road.

This tomb can be especially dangerous to the unwary. To the left of the entrance is a pit which drops down five stories and lands you in front of three greater bonewalkers. There are nine undead altogether scattered about the tomb. Overall this tomb is a lot more vertical than it is horizontal, going down five stories from top to bottom. The most valuable treasures, a sapphire and copy of King Edward part X, are found on the bottom floor.

Daranith seems to be a somewhat large mainland family. There are three living members: Folsa Daranith, a commoner living in an isolated camp south of Tel Mothrivra, and Goren Daranith and Urelan Daranith, who are both commoners living in Helnim.


Map of Daranith Ancestral Tomb, Top Floor
Map of Daranith Ancestral Tomb, Middle Floor
Map of Daranith Ancestral Tomb, Bottom Floor