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ID TR_m2_bk_CaptainsLog_i2-279
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Captain's Log

10th of Last Seed 3E 427. The ebony has finally been loaded onto the ship. The prices seem to have risen since the last trip, so that it is doubtful that I should make a profit. A gray cloud was spotted on the horizon; it is far off to sea and I'm not very worried, but I decided that it is worth watching. Rats have also been discovered in the hull, but Gro-Burga thinks that he has killed them all.

11th. It seems that some rats are still alive, they have torn through two crates of clothes. The cloud is keeping a parallel course to us, let us hope that winds will not change for the worse.

12th. Alas, we are caught in a strong, seaward wind and heavy rain beats down on us endlessly. By The Three I have never seen such a rainfall in all my years! Progress is very slow, and I have lost hope of reaching our destination on time if this continues.

13th. This morning the ship almost collided with the coast. It is hard to see anything with this heavy rain, but the lands seem flooded. I can only hope that the rain will lift soon.

Gro-Burga has woken us up. He has managed to start a fire and is roasting some rat meat. It is a sorry meal, but we will probably devour it ravenously. All this day Gro-Burga has been bringing in necessities--crates of food whose contents we recklessly gulp down, hammocks and planks to serve as hammock posts, fire wood, even a chest that contained my quill, inkwell and this journal. Finally, we have a relatively comfortable camp. We have also given the dead crew the best burial we can manage.

This morning we awoke to find nearly all the crates of food empty. Gro-Burga lit a torch and has thoroughly explored the grotto. Upon his return he said that he suspected that some rats are still alive. We have agreed to mount guard over the food from now on, but there is very little left. Gro-Burga claims that he swam as far as the hull, but he could find no more food there. He also says that there is still something blocking the trapdoor which he couldn't budge.

I am afraid that I have not written in here for a while; there is not much to write. We have lived a silent existence in this cave, and the rats have not bothered us since we began guarding the food. However, today is different. Felmarel has woken me up at the beginning of his watch. He led me behind some stalagmites and showed me a chest. The pungent smell of half rotten food was coming out of it. Evidently, Gro-Burga been hoarding food. I tried to open the chest; it was locked. After a brief discussion, we agreed to search Gro-Burga for its key, as it is probably he who owns the chest. We crept up to where Gro-Burga was sleeping and began to search the bed. As we were doing this he awoke and attacked us. We killed him. We are horrified at our action. Having discovered a key near his head, we tested it and found out that it fit the lock of the chest. I am now feasting on the only food I have had for some days. It isn't much and almost all gone already, but I prepare to go to sleep now with a full stomach.

Today we discover our folly. Neither of us stood watch this night, but there is no real food to steal anymore. The rats came for Gro-Burga. As displeasing as the thought is to me, Felmarel and I may have to live on his meat as the rats are doing. It would be a shame for it to go to waste, and for us not to survive this endless imprisonment. I do not look forward to discussing this with Felmarel, though. I am not sure whether his High Elf pride will allow him to resort to cannibalism.

I am happy that I have had a meal today, but if only the meal could be something other than a former comrade. Felmarel and I ate silently, watching the Orc's remains. We were in no mood for discussion. Felmarel himself seemed to feel a horrible sort of shame come over him. However, Gro-Burga does seem to have eaten well, and there seems to be almost as much fat as meet on him. We even have some left-overs for tomorrow.

For a long while now our stomachs have been empty. I find myself desperately wanting more meat; however, I know what that means. Felmarel and I have continually searched for more rats, but to no avail. If this lasts much longer I'm afraid that I might lose myself.

Luck seems to be on our side, for once. A rat made a desperate attempt to get some bones from Gro-Burga and we killed it, eating all of it except for the bones. There wasn't much meat on it; it seems that the rats too share our starvation. For how much longer will we be trapped here? Will help never come? We do not have the strength to attempt the shipwreck again, we would both drown!

We are looking like a pair of skeletons, neither of us can live much longer, but I still hope for rescue. I shall have to kill Felmarel. I shall do it as he sleeps.

I have carved out all the meat that I could find, which was very little. I could do nothing to remove his outrages expression. It haunts me more than Gro-Burga, but I can still live, still survive for a bit longer. I only hope that I shall not become fully insane. When help comes, I will leave this place! I only hope that ALMSIVI may forgive my murders.