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The ebony mine in Ranyon-ruhn is still losing money, so you need to take a dive in its paperwork.
Quest Giver: Master Mithras in Ranyon-ruhn
Location(s): Ranyon-ruhn
Prerequisite Quest: An Offer She Can't Refuse
Next Quest: Treachery Revealed
Reward: None
Disposition: -5/-20 (Azariah Thelas)
ID: TR_m1_RR_MQ_7
Azariah Thelas' ledger

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Master Mithras again.
  2. Head to the Telvanni Council House in Port Telvannis and ask Vero Renim for the mine ledgers.
  3. Return to Ranyon-ruhn and ask Azariah Thelas for his copies.
  4. Report back to Mithras with the results.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Whining Mining[edit]

While you were busy with your tasks, several miners reported their suspicious about Azariah Thelas to Master Mithras. He seems to believe there's something in what they say, because his next task for you is to compare the version of the mine ledgers kept in Port Telvannis with the ones maintained by Azariah Thelas.

Capital Letters[edit]

This, of course, means another trip to the capital. A silt-strider trip to Tel Ouada then a river strider to the port is the fastest route. Head to the Telvanni Council House and ask Vero Renim for the ledgers. He will instruct you to wait outside for a couple of hours while he gets the information together. Wait a while and you'll receive a journal update telling you that the information is ready.

Out on a Ledger[edit]

Return to Ranyon-ruhn - the fastest way is an Almsivi Intervention spell - and head over to Azariah's house just inside the entrance to town. The ledger sits on a table in his main room, but as soon as you read it he will ask you what are doing. You can tell him the truth (Mithras asked you to check his figures) or lie (tell him the Parliament of Bugs wanted a check). The former causes his disposition towards you to drop by 20 points, and the latter by five.

The information in the ledgers matches. Return to Mithras who will be disappointed but not surprised that he couldn't get the proof he needed.

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Balancing Act (TR_m1_RR_MQ_7)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 While I was dealing with the guar, some of the miners came to Master Mithras and told him of their theory regarding Mirisun and Azariah. In order to get to the bottom of things, Mithras wants me to return to Vero Renim at the Parliament of Bugs in Port Telvannis, and ask to be given the official copy of Ranyon-ruhn's mine ledgers. I should then compare the official version with what Mirisun and Azariah have written down.
20 Vero Renim said he would retrieve the paperwork as soon as he could. He reminded me that Parliament protocol required that I leave the Council House for a few hours, while things progressed. He will begin proceedings as soon as I leave.
30 An hour has passed. I should return to the Council Houses to receive the documents.
40 Vero Renim gave me the official copy of Ranyon-ruhn's mine ledgers. Whether Mirisun or Azariah have been foolish enough to be caught out, if indeed they have been doing anything, remains to be seen.
50 Azariah Thelas' ledgers matched those of the Parliament.
60 Azariah Thelas was angry that I questioned his figures.
70 ☑Finishes quest Mithras was irritated that we had not been able to catch anyone out, but did not seem surprised. He told me to meet him again in three days time.
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