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Book Information
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
ID TR_m1_bk_BO_PrisonLog
Value 0 Weight 2
Found in the following locations:
Bal Oyra Prison Log
Notes on recent prisoners in Bal Oyra's dungeons

Prisoners recently held in the keep's dungeons:

Lish gro-Garrok, Orc male, fair condition

Held for smuggling, theft, consorting with thieves and smugglers, and resisting arrest.
Sentenced for fifteen months.
Observation: Complained about food, went on hunger strike. Believes someone would care. Doesn't appear to be very smart.

Trelabeth, Bosmer female, good condition

Held for attempted thievery and public indecency.
Observation: Very bad singer when drunk.
Fine paid once sobered up, released yesterday. Left town immediately.