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Bal Oyra
Added by: Tamriel Rebuilt
Alignment: Imperial
Region: Boethiah's Spine

Almsivi Intervention:

Divine Intervention:

  • Bal Oyra


Guild Guide:

Silt Strider:

TR3-banner-Bal Oyra.png
Bal Oyra, looking northwest
Bal Oyra, looking southeast
The Keep of Bal Oyra

Bal Oyra is the municipal center of the northwestern tip of the Telvanni-controlled part of the mainland province of Morrowind, and as such, offers many services and comforts for city-dwellers, who are a colorful mix of race and class. Contouring the peninsula, Bal Oyra is very much a seaport town, walled, and complete with docks, a lighthouse and an Imperial fort.

Main Square[edit]

As Bal Oyra is built on a peninsula, the town's main thoroughfare is long and narrow, more akin to a boulevard. Entering under the stone arch of the Silt Strider port, you will pass the Keep on the left, with a Mages Guild Relay inside. Across the street is The Black Ogre Tavern, where Yersod, the proprietor, and Kevlin offer a bite to eat, and Pontius Golicus offers training.

Further up this boulevard, you will find a clothing store across from a smith, and past them, across from a baker, you can barter with Jana Livia, a very well-equipped trader. Finally, the street will reach a dead end where the lighthouse stands at the edge of town.

Although Bal Oyra is completely surrounded by water, the walls surrounding the town and the gate-like arch and keep at the front of the town, as well as the closely packed buildings surrounding the main boulevard, all contribute to a design that completely obscures the water, making one feel inland.

The Keep[edit]

Main article: Bal Oyra, Keep

The keep at Bal Oyra is the home of Tibera Rone, the seat of power in the town. Though only occupied by five individuals besides guards, this fort nevertheless manages to service a variety of needs of a Morrowind citizen, ranging from training, to the divine and arcane. The keep has a very large main section which connects to the curtain wall, which then provides access not only to the Guild Guide at the Mages Guild Relay, but also to the dungeons. There, Jathenard can provide training as a master-at-arms, and watches over the sole prisoner, Lish gro-Garrok, who has gone on a hunger strike.

The Black Ogre Tavern[edit]

Main article: The Black Ogre Tavern

This tavern is no small enterprise, offering not only some basic trading services, but even training. Make sure to stop by to complete the quests offered here.

On the ground floor, Kevlin mans one of the two bars, while Shabhi, a smuggler, is waiting for something by the stairs. Upstairs you will find storage and bedrooms, while the basement is where the main action is: Yersod at the second bar in the tavern is the publican, and he offers drinks and food; Joslin Stoinles is the local Nightblade on her break, and is an agent involved with catching spies; Dacinial is the local Healer; and Pontius Golicus is a Warrior who offers training for a price. At the foot of the stairs to the basement is a small storage room stocked with alcohol.

The Elfmaid[edit]

The Elfmaid is a cargo ship that has been forced into port at Bal Oyra for repairs.

Her most recent voyage started in the city of Blacklight, where she took on a cargo of cloth and other supplies. From there she was supposed to sail to Tel Ouada and on to Llothanis. Unfortunately, she ran into difficulties off the island of Balvvarden and was damaged badly enough that she had to put into port.

The captain's cabin contains little of use, with only a chest containing weaponry of interest. In the hold there are containers filled with food and weapons, plus a couple of chests of gold and two crates containing moon sugar.

Census and Excise Office[edit]

The Census and Excise Office in Bal Oyra is a relatively large enterprise, and successful too, judging by some of the furnishings. Gilara Renus, who greets you as you enter, is the local taxtaker and the representative of the Census and Excise Office. Sa'assa on the second floor is a local farmer who offers her small selection of harvest for trade. On the third floor, Cadal Taaldrun, a clerk, takes a break in the bedroom. But the basement is the place really worth a visit; that's where Ligrod gro-Muzar and Hradell are scheming for a "sweet" deal. There are also doors on the top and bottom floors to Jana Livia's store.


Old, musty and overgrown, this underfunded beacon lets passing ships know the location of the furthest point of the mainland. Gillas Llarethi, the lighthouse operator, seems to have taken up alchemy as a hobby, so make sure to check out his unguarded collection of alchemical loot at the top of the tower.

Notable Figures[edit]

  • Tibera Rone — The commander of the Keep and the seat of power in the town.
  • Jana Livia — The local trader with many goods to offer.

Getting There and Around[edit]

Bal Oyra's standing in the region dictates it a central hub of trade and authority, which means that transportation to and from the town is of vital importance. In sight of this, Bal Oyra offers three different ways to come and go.


  • A certain 'Bal Oyra, Urgelian Manor' cell exists. It is a manor of a Dark Elf couple which never made it to the game. You can visit it when you type coc 'Bal Oyra, Urgelian Manor' in the console.

Places of Interest Around Bal Oyra[edit]

These are both off the northern coast of the peninsula, southeast of Bal Oyra.

Related Quests[edit]

Fighters Guild[edit]

Mages Guild[edit]

Imperial Cult[edit]



Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Ajahni Female Khajiit Archer Imperial Legion Trooper(Trooper) 27 209 122 90 30 Outside Trainer
Allion Aberus Male Imperial Priest Imperial Cult Adept(Adept) 25 140 148 100 20 Keep
Asint Male Redguard Spellsword 7 88 76 20 40 The Elfmaid Features in the quest: A Tailor in Need
Bacola Herennius Male Imperial Archer 19 162 108 100 30 Outside
Balfhe Male Nord Hunter 30 202 106 90 50 Outside
Cadal Taaldrun Male Dunmer Noble Census and Excise Office Clerk(Clerk) 8 81 102 50 40 Census and Excise Office
Cinda Pelelius Female Imperial Commoner 8 74 92 60 20 Ilnori Pelelius' Home
Dacinial Male Bosmer Healer 17 93 116 90 30 The Black Ogre Tavern
Di'niah Female Khajiit Commoner 4 58 86 50 30 Di'niah's Shack
Domas Male Redguard Archer 20 178 90 100 30 Outside
Dondolin Male Bosmer Commoner 3 40 106 50 30 Dondolin's House Merchant
Drenar Valeth Male Dunmer Caravaner 5 74 112 90 30 Outside Offers transport to Ranyon-ruhn and Tel Ouada
Edwinn Male Breton Gardener 20 177 142 90 30 Outside
Elammus Girneth Male Dunmer Commoner 4 63 86 0 30 Elammus Girneth's Shack Formerly Dander Gim
Elmonder Male Altmer Priest Imperial Cult Adept(Adept) 15 93 140 0 30 Keep Will move to the keep permanently after the quest A Mission Failed
Fonon Arktim Male Dunmer Pauper 4 55 84 50 30 Fonon Arktim's Shack
Frie Antoni Female Breton Alchemist 12 73 190 80 30 Frie Antoni's House
Gilara Renus Female Imperial Noble Census and Excise Office Taxtaker(Taxtaker) 25 182 156 100 30 Census and Excise Office Features in the quest: A Simple Job
Gillas Llarethi Male Imperial Caretaker 9 102 110 50 30 Lighthouse
Gualva Catraso Male Imperial Merchant 8 86 122 90 30 Outside
Harminia Flavius Female Imperial Enchanter 19 115 198 0 30 Census and Excise Office
Hessei-Lig Male Argonian Guild Guide Mages Guild Conjurer(Conjurer) 17 96 154 0 30 Keep, Mages Guild Relay Offers transport to Firewatch
Hlenala Urgelian Female Dunmer Noble 11 94 112 90 20 Urgelian Manor Currently not in the game
Hradell Male Nord Commoner 6 84 72 50 40 Census and Excise Office Features in the quest: A Sweet Deal
Hrongal Wavebreaker Male Nord Commoner 5 78 68 90 30 Hrongal Wavebreaker's House
Ildonia Boss Female Imperial Commoner 4 63 86 90 20 Outside
Ilnori Pelelius Female Imperial Baker 7 92 114 90 20 Ilnori's Bakery Merchant
Jana Livia Female Breton Trader 8 76 122 90 30 Jana Livia: Trader Merchant, Features in the quest: Helping Jana Livia
Jarvas Milagron Male Imperial Commoner 8 86 96 90 30 Jarvas Milagron's Home
Jathenard Male Breton Master-at-Arms Imperial Legion Trooper(Trooper) 21 210 132 100 30 Keep, Dungeons Trainer
Joslin Stoinles Female Breton Nightblade Mages Guild Conjurer(Conjurer) 19 98 140 90 30 The Black Ogre Tavern Mages Guild quest giver
Kevlin Male Breton Merchant 8 81 142 90 30 The Black Ogre Tavern Merchant
Leile Female Breton Trader 12 100 136 90 30 The Elfmaid, Captain's Quarters Features in the quest: A Tailor in Need
Ligrod gro-Muzar Male Orc Commoner 6 82 72 50 30 Census and Excise Office Features in the quest A Sweet Deal
Lish gro-Garrok Male Orc Smuggler 14 134 80 0 30 Keep, Dungeons Features in the quest: Fast and Furious
Marcella Female Redguard Commoner 5 73 68 90 20 Marcella's Home
Mora Gindal Female Dunmer Commoner 3 52 84 90 40 Mora Gindal's Shack Features in the quest: A Simple Job
Murob gra-Magar Female Orc Guard Imperial Legion Trooper(Trooper) 20 214 122 100 30 Outside Starts the quest: Fast and Furious
Olfim gro-Gluk Male Orc Guard 25 244 112 100 30 Outside
Olroth Madri Male Dunmer Agent 6 66 92 100 30 Jana Livia: Trader Trainer, only appears during the quest Helping Jana Livia
Pontius Golicus Male Imperial Warrior 6 66 92 100 30 The Black Ogre Tavern Trainer
Ra'Lasak Male Khajiit Commoner 5 63 88 100 30 Ra'Lasak's House
Rocconius Rone Male Imperial Clothier 10 88 128 100 30 Rocconius' Clothing Store Clothier
Sa'assa Male Khajiit Farmer 7 76 94 100 30 Census and Excise Office Merchant
Samiail Female Bosmer Commoner 4 53 86 100 30 Outside
Seguri Vant Male Imperial Savant 8 74 126 100 30 Outside
Shabhi Female Khajiit Smuggler 8 81 92 0 30 The Black Ogre Tavern Features in the quest: A Sweet Deal
Sul Male Argonian Agent 6 61 92 100 30 The Elfmaid Trainer
Tandryen Reyas Male Dunmer Commoner 3 57 84 100 30 Tandryen Reyas' Home Features in the quest: Muskflies in Bal Oyra
Tibera Rone Female Imperial Master-at-Arms Imperial Legion Knight Protector(Knight Protector) 20 208 110 100 50 Keep Trainer, Features in the quest: Muskflies in Bal Oyra
Umbrid Serath Male Dunmer Smith 7 99 90 90 40 Umbrid Serath: Smith Merchant, Blacksmith
Viania Claeni Female Imperial Shipmaster 15 107 130 100 30 Outside Offers transport to Bahrammu, Firewatch and Tel Ouada
Viccia Hateria Female Imperial Commoner 4 63 86 60 30 Viccia Hateria's Home Features in the quest: Head in the Clouds
Yapund Urgelian Male Dunmer Noble 11 99 112 100 30 Urgelian Manor Currently not in the game
Yersod Male Nord Publican 8 86 102 100 40 The Black Ogre Tavern Merchant


Map Key
  • 1. Lighthouse
  • 2. Di'niah's Shack
  • 3. Fonon Arktim's Shack
  • 4. Hrongal Wavebreaker's House
  • 5. Jana Livia: Trader
  • 6. Census and Excise Office
  • 7. Census and Excise Office
  • 8. Ilnori Pelelius' Home
  • 9a. Umbrid Serath: Smith
  • 9b. Umbrid Serath's House
  • 10. Keep
  • 11. Elammus Girneth's Shack