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Added by: Tamriel Rebuilt
Alignment: House Telvanni
Region: Telvanni Isles

Almsivi Intervention:

Divine Intervention:


View from the southeast of town
Looking across town from the north

Bahrammu is a small shantytown on Balvvarden Isle, the northwesternmost inhabited island of the Telvanni Isles region, northwest of Bal Oyra. Its services are severely limited, and the town's activities offer virtually nothing out of the ordinary. "We are isolated here on the tip of Morrowind. We are far from the hustle of the main cities here," as the local townspeople say.

Main Square[edit]

The entire town surrounds a central area, in the middle of which is a stereotypical Telvanni mushroom tree that acts as a central gathering place. Most of the huts and cave dwellings belong to farmers and common folk, but Elammu Andrani has set up a makeshift tradehouse in his shack, where he offers rudimentary weapons, ingredients and clothes, and an assortment of local alcohol.

Getting There and Around[edit]

Marthen Redri has set up a rowboat service to Bal Oyra a short distance southwest from the town. To find him, follow the road south out of Bahrammu, and take the first right. Although his shack is nearby, he is standing on the tiny dock, ready to take you to the city.

Places of Interest Around Bahrammu[edit]

  • The only other place on the island is the Ashurnasaddus Grotto over the hills due north on the western edge of the beach. There is not much loot here.
  • The Seradan Grotto is further northeast. Follow the road east out of town, swim north to the big island and follow the coast east to get there. The entrance is underwater. There is valuable and quest-related treasure here.
  • A Rotten Shipwreck is across the water directly east of the east-leading path. Sadly, the pearl-bearing kollops along the way would probably offer more in the loot department than the wreck itself.


Related Quests[edit]

Mainland Great House Telvanni[edit]



Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Aren Oleroth Male Dunmer Commoner 3 57 84 70 30 Aren Oleroth's Shack
Boden Fyryn Male Dunmer Pauper 3 69 184 30 30 Boden Fyryn's Shack
Elammu Andrani Male Dunmer Trader Service 11 106 112 90 30 Elammu Andrani: Trader Merchant, Starts the quest: The Price of Wickwheat
Ethil Dilmin Male Dunmer Commoner 9 92 98 50 30 Dilmin Cave Dwelling
Farvyn Kodrun Male Dunmer Commoner 6 74 92 60 30 Elammu Andrani: Trader
Favira Saladas Female Dunmer Nightblade Mainland Great House Telvanni Lawman(Lawman) 17 96 116 0 30 Outside Features in the quest: A Message from Vvardenfell
Galen Norvayn Male Dunmer Commoner 5 68 88 40 30 Galen Norvayn's Shack
Garath Duril Male Dunmer Commoner 7 50 88 0 10 Garath Duril's Shack Merchant
Halsoth Ernevi Male Dunmer Commoner 3 57 84 100 50 Halsoth Ernevi's Shack
Hirend Fothren Male Dunmer Commoner 7 81 94 90 20 Hirend Fothren's Shack
Hlarvy Duren Male Dunmer Commoner 11 104 102 90 30 Hlarvy Duren's Shack
Iranil Mavus Female Dunmer Commoner 8 81 96 90 10 Outside
Lagrile Donlis Female Dunmer Commoner 7 76 94 90 20 Dolis Shack
Lervathi Arvul Female Dunmer Mage Mainland Great House Telvanni Lawman(Lawman) 18 99 158 90 50 Outside
Lliretha Arantam Female Dunmer Commoner 5 50 88 0 10 Arantam Cave Dwelling Starts the quest: The Widow and the Sea, Merchant
Marthen Redri Male Dunmer Shipmaster 5 59 108 90 30 Outside Offers transport to Bal Oyra
Medilo Sendal Female Dunmer Commoner 13 111 106 90 30 Medilo Sendal's Shack
Neldam Donlis Male Dunmer Farmer 10 112 94 90 20 Outside
Vedran Gavonir Male Dunmer Commoner 7 81 94 100 30 Outside Features in the quest: The Widow and the Sea
Zaal Almon Male Dunmer Farmer 9 105 92 100 30 Zaal Almon's Shack


Map Key
  • 1. Donlis Shack
  • 2. Aren Oleroth's Shack
  • 3. Hlarvy Duren's Shack
  • 4. Garath Duril's Shack
  • 5. Arantam Cave Dwelling
  • 6. Medilo Sendal's Shack
  • 7. Dilmyn Cave Dwelling
  • 8. Halsoth Ernevi's Shack
  • 9. Boden Fyryn's Shack
  • 10. Elammu Andrani: Trader
  • 11. Hirend Fothren's Shack
  • 12. Galen Norvayn's Shack
  • 13. Zaal Almon's Shack