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Alchemists and Apothecaries mix ingredients in order to brew magic potions. Any smart alchemist knows that trade is the way to success and alchemists will gladly trade potions and ingredients of varying quality with you. Even most of the smallest settlements on Morrowind have a "local alchemist", whereas the biggest cities have organized apothecary shops.

List of Alchemists and Apothecaries[edit]

Here is a list of all alchemists and apothecaries in the game, sorted by the amount of gold they can trade with.

Name Gold Location Faction Notes
Green-Eyes 1500 Firewatch, Green-Eyes: Apothecary  
Gali Therinyth 1250 Port Telvannis, Gali Therinyth: Alchemist Great House Telvanni 0(Hireling)  
Ferala Aranith 1000 Port Telvannis, Ferala Aranith's House  
Sano Telvorys 1000 Tel Ouada, Tower  
Sinsal Nedriem 1000 Ranyon-ruhn, The Dancing Jug Great House Telvanni 5(Spellwright)  
Raleni Taresi 800 Windmoth Legion Fort, Interior Imperial Legion 1(Spearman)  
Rinma 800 Pahunsabi Hostile to the player
Drolan Omothan 750 Llothanis, Drolan Omothan: Alchemist Great House Telvanni 2(Oathman)  
Milar Yantus 700 Gah Sadrith, Market  
Cyertil 600 Helnim, Cyertil: Apothecary and Healer  
Siriele Nathryon 580 Port Telvannis, Tel Thenim: Lower Tower Great House Telvanni 2(Oathman)  
Dilavesa Indalen 550 Alt Bosara, Tel Vaerin Great House Telvanni 3(Lawman)  
Aluna Drethi 500 Port Telvannis, Tel Thenim: Lower Tower Great House Telvanni 1(Retainer)  
Brenne Smitte 500 Tel Muthada, Brenne Smitte: Alchemist  
Irele Nathryon 500 Ranyon-ruhn, Irele Nathryon: Alchemist Great House Telvanni 2(Oathman)  
Yimanalor 500 Llothanis, Bal Gernak's Manor Great House Telvanni 2(Oathman)  
Hala Mamndt 350 Firewatch Palace, Guild of Mages Mages Guild 2(Journeyman)  
Hindus Othram 350 Llothanis  
Llunera Haran 350 Helnim, Marketplace  
Derawin 310 Helnim, Marketplace  
Berkan Temeris 225 Helnim, Tel Narrusa: Services Great House Telvanni 1(Retainer)  
Marcel Artaud 200 Firewatch Library, Second Floor Mages Guild 1(Apprentice)  
Sa'assa 200 Bal Oyra, Census and Excise Office  
Nisirel 125 Helnim, Nisirel's Potions Great House Telvanni 1(Retainer)  
Alenial 100 Tel Muthada  
Garath Duril 20 Bahrammu, Garath Duril's Shack  
Lliretha Arantam 20 Bahrammu, Arantam Cave Dwelling  
Missing-Scales 10 Helnim, Slums: Missing-Scales' Shack  
Herea Nerthul 0 Helnim, Marketplace