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Resolving a domestic dispute with attempted murder? It's got to be Port Telvannis.
Quest Giver: Venira Resano in Port Telvannis
Location(s): Port Telvannis
Reward: 200 gold
Disposition: +5 (Venira Resano)
Trelo Resano and the source of the argument

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Venira Resano about doing her a favor.
  2. Talk to the guards or townspeople about mercenaries, they direct you to the Lost Crab Tavern where the bar keeper will give you three names.
  3. (Optional) Ask around town to find out who you should pick.
  4. Go to the docks. Hire Felres Nerlenis.
  5. Return to the Resano house. A fight will be in progress when you enter the building. Trelo Resano kills the assassin.
  6. Trelo Resano accuses you for trying to kill him. Explain that his wife wants a new slave, then that she wants him to listen to her. Finally say that the assassin was a warning.
  7. Retrieve your gold from the dead assassin, or at least almost all of it.
  8. Talk to Venira Resano about the favor to complete the quest.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

A Strange Favor[edit]

Venira Resano can be found in her house in Port Telvannis. Talk to her about a favor, and it turns out she has a particularly strange one. The Khajiit slave that she and her husband, Trelo, owned recently died, and she had wanted him to buy a mer as a replacement. Instead he brought back what she calls a "filthy Argonian": Muzta-Reesh. She is not happy about this.

Venira's unorthodox solution is to find an assassin to attack her husband in order to send him a warning and persuade him to buy a replacement slave. She doesn't want him dead; just scared.

Hunt for an Assassin[edit]

Nobody in town knows any suitable people, but will direct you to the barman at the Lost Crab Tavern who might know. He suggests three people: Ferelis Zeran, Nalneni Pernis and Felres Nerlenis.

Zeran hangs out near the Telvanni Council House and does odd jobs for the council. If you talk to the mouths on the council about him, they will confirm his claims to be a powerful fighter. It sounds like he might be too strong for Trelo Resano.

Pernis can be found in The Avenue. She is often hired to spy on foreigners coming to town, and although Allasi Enduren will tell you that she has little fighting experience, he has seen her practice and admires her skills. In other words, she and Trelo would be fairly evenly matched.

Nerlenis stands on the docks near the river strider back to the mainland and claims to have worked most recently for Turosi Salvel in ridding him of some daedra. Asking Salvel about him, however, reveals a different story. He tells you that it was Ferelis Zeran he hired, not Nerlenis. It seems Nerlenis may be exaggerating his skills; maybe he's the one to hire?

Giving the Warning[edit]

You can hire Nerlenis for 1000 gold. Having done so, head back to the Resano house where you will find a fight already in progress. You can simply watch, but it might be a good idea to be ready with healing spells in case Resano starts to lose.

After the battle, Trelo Resano will not be happy. Talk to him and explain his wife's problem. He will agree to sell Muzta-Reesh and buy a replacement.

Talk to Venira, who thanks you for your help and gives you a reward in gold. Don't forget to search the body of the would-be assassin to get the rest of your cash back.

A New Slave[edit]

Next time you return to the house, Muzta-Reesh will have gone and the Bosmer Rithran will be the Resano's slave instead.

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

A Disobedient Husband (TR_m1_PT_ADH)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Venira Resano wishes me to hire a mercenary to kill her husband, Trelo, over a dispute about the race of their slave. However, the mercenary should be unskilled so that Trelo will triumph. This will serve as a warning for him to listen to the desires of his wife. In return for my discreet services Venira has promised to reward me, in addition she claims that I will be able to reclaim any funds I spend to procure the assassin. She does not know where or how I may go about finding a suitable mercenary.
20 I have been given the names of three potential mercenaries that I can hire to attack Trelo Resano. Ferelis Zeran can be found near the Telvanni Council House where he accepts odd jobs on behalf of the council. Nalneni Pernis frequents the Avenue, and is often employed to keep an eye on foreigners visiting Port Telvannis. Felres Nerlenis can be found at the docks where he usually gets paid by foreigners to act as their escort through the streets of Port Telvannis.
30 I have spoken to Ferelis Zeran. He has told me that he has done many things in the service of House Telvanni and has mentioned that he has fought many battles on behalf of the Parliament of Bugs. He has referred me to the Mouths in the Council House Chambers if I am interested in his past deeds. Strangely, he has acknowledged a great interest in Orcs and their culture.
40 I have talked to Nalneni Pernis about her past experience. She tells me that she spends much of her time keeping an eye on foreigners for Allasi Enduren of the Avenue. I should seek him out to learn more about her.
41 Allasi Enduren says that Nalneni Pernis has little practical experience in a fight, but that he has seen her spar, and she is apparently proficient. He claims that she has performed admirably in her tasks and has a passing knowledge of illusion magic. From this description she may be a candidate for the attempted assassination of Trelo Resano, but the contest will likely be fairly even.
50 Felres Nerlenis claims to have recently worked for Turosi Salvel, an enchanter in Port Telvannis. He claims that he exterminated several daedra that an enemy summoned to infest Turosi's business.
51 Turosi Salvel has never heard of Felres Nerlenis, he claims that he paid Ferelis Zeran to kill the daedroth that Cerul Arnem summoned to ransack his shop and drive away business. He tells me that while his services may seem expensive, Ferelis is amongst the finest spellswords in Port Telvannis and his services are much sought after. In any even it seems that I should hire Felres Nerlenis to assassinate Trelo Resano.
60 The Mouths in the Telvanni Council House have spoken of Ferelis Zeran with great approbation. If I hire him I doubt Trelo Resano will survive.
100 I have hired Ferelis Zeran to assassinate Trelo Resano.
200 I have hired Nalneni Pernis to assassinate Trelo Resano.
300 I have hired Felres Nerlenis to assassinate Trelo Resano.
500 Trelo Resano has fallen to the mercenary I hired.
501 Trelo Resano has triumphed over the mercenary I hired to kill him.
600 Trelo was very angry about the assassination attempt and was on the verge of killing his wife. I intervened on her behalf and defused the situation; he now understands the need to listen to his wife and has agreed to sell Muzta-Reesh and replace her with a non-beast slave.
900 ☑Finishes quest Venira Resano was very angry that I hired an assassin who killed Trelo. She will have no further dealings with me.
901 ☑Finishes quest Trelo was very angry about the assassination attempt and was on the verge of killing his wife. I attempted to intervene on her behalf and defuse the situation, but I failed and Trelo attacked Venira. There is nothing more to be done here.
902 ☑Finishes quest Venira Resano is very pleased to hear that Trelo will sell the Argonian slave and purchase a new non-beast slave. She has rewarded me for my discretion in aiding her in this matter. I should search the body of the mercenary to get back the money that I paid him to do the job.
1000 ☑Finishes quest I have decided not to aid Venira Resano in her plot to convince her husband to heed her desires.