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Book Information
Added by Tamriel_Data
ID T_Bk_WealthOfWayrestTR_V2
Up The Wealth of Wayrest
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Value 150 Weight 3
Found in the following locations:
by Muncia Naintes
A four act play

Act II, Scene I
Inside the castle hall.

(Noise from outside)
Voice: The king, the king is found.
The shore has born him.

(Enter attendants and Royal Family holding Eadwyre)
Goth: Uncle, you live, how did you
Find the sea in such ends fire.
Ead: I retired to bed, and I awoke
Within walls of flame. As
I searched for exit, a figure
Appeared to me, she spoke
In an old tongue, and as
The slaps of fire nearly reached
Me, she burst into a torrent
Of water, and I flowed with
Her into the turbent sea.
Goth: Sire your town square is
Collapsed from the fires
You have risen from. But
All can be rebuilt, a tranquil
Catch you were to our
Disturbed thoughts last night.
I regret to tell you that our stay
Must now end, but thankfully not
Of a mournful day. Our ships
Shall be set and we must go.
(To Banthas)
Some foul play is still afoot,
And we must flee from its
Stone sure foot.
Ead: Your ships have been washed away,
The bay must have swallowed them
In the storm last night,
For the ports are barren today.
Goth: My lord, if that is so, our men
Shall have no other choice than to
Cross the Wrothgar gap.
Ead: My home is safe, you know
Not what you walk into. This
Land is still wilderness that
Even my men do not venture to.
Goth: We travel light and near to homeland bay,
(aside) To steer away from or fortune delay.
Ead: Then to Daggerfall you are found
Till the time of our interests waxed.
Goth: Hail High Rock

(Exit Gothyrd and Attendants)
Ead: I must ask for time with Marithyn,
There is much healing needed.
(Exit all except Eadwyre and Marithyn)

Mar: My lord, your palor and demeanor
Is not of normal structure.
(aside) Perhaps his visions were not
Of ale and grog set.
Ead: Marithyn, my closest friend, I have
More of my visions that I did not
Dispose with the court. The lady
Presented herself to me, she was
Kynareth. She warned me
Of the growing swarm of Skyrim.
She blessed me of water and
Asked of me to invade the east,
And by Akatosh I would be invincible.
Mar: Devine will do not be tampered
When did the goddess proclaim our victory?
Ead: By mid-year celebration we shall
Reign the highest rock of Tamriel.
Mar: But how my lord? Our forces
Are depleted of the Orsinium region.
Ead: We shall use the empire funds to raise
An army, and with our sister and
Cameron of the red sands we shall
March our flag into Snowhawk.
Mar: How will we convince Lysandus
To relieve funds he risked overthrow for
To join league with the sand viper?
Ead: Tonight, on his journey home, Gothyrd
Shall come upon a broken passage. He
Shall fall victim to the navigation of
The Gro-Kar Forest. To Lysandus shall
Be sent the notice of a barbarian ambush
That has stolen the prince. With much of his
Forces missing he will call upon Sentinel
For arms and will grant us of our monetary needs.
Mar: Gothyrd will find his way of the tangled
Forest, then what shall excuse us?
Ead: By then my lady's will shall be done.
And all disease is cured
In the balms of victory.

Scene II
Gothyrd's men have nearly reached the peaks mount.

Goth: Banthas, do you see the cliffs of Cauisian
There to the north, blocking the route to Skyrim.
Ban: Yes my lord, I walked the valley
Of Wrothgar in the small campaigns of Haafinheim.
Goth: Do you believe the story of the mouths?
That as the first of our kind came here,
Within that divide a thousand were killed
By the voices of 3?
Ban: I believe it, and I live to reconcile it sire.
Goth: How powerful they were,
Yet in their turbulence
No wake was left in their absence.
To where does Akatosh send such spirits?
What can be said at the death of gods?
Ban: Even these granite walls are
Faced to the wind, and one
Day shall be of a grain of sand.
Men are forgot, but tales remembered.
Tales are lost but their stones recovered.
What then of when the stones fall?
Then the truth is lost.
Goth: These stones may last until
The end still, and will tell their story.

(Enter Messenger scout)
Mess: My lord, the west walls casts
The storm's pale winter corona.
Our light shall only last
A length of one degree,
Shall we descend?
Goth: We descend tonight to reach
Our kind post of no delay.
(Exit Messenger scout)

Ban: My lord, this land will
Be no kin tonight. The guards can
Not continue this, nor can you.
Goth: A great rising of ancient air
Surfaces between the bricks of Wayrest,
Which looms over my conscious
As the shadow of these mountains
From the cold dying sun.

(Banthas falls back until he watches guard behind the soldiers.)

Ban: These times are not lost
To one who has seen so many
Of less fervor. The prince
Does not know the post to
Which he leads us, the night's
Sea will sink us to its endless depths.