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The Uprising, part II
by Cunius Maximus
The second part of a story about runaway slaves

Glavinis Leranu took off his helmet and washed his face in a small stream that ran through the forest. The weather was very humid in the South of Morrowind, and it was even less comfortable while you were wearing full armour. He had been trekking through the forest for about a week now, tracking a slave that had escaped the plantation he was employed at. It was his duty as Head of the Guard, and Glavinis enjoyed this work. While many Dunmer enjoyed the thrill of the hunt, few could boast that they had caught something as cunning and agile as an Argonian. He smiled. Argonians might be clever, and they might be fast, but they were also very predictable.

"This way," he called to the three other Dunmer that made up the search team.

They followed the stream as it ran its way through the forest. The youngest of the searchers whispered to another: "How does he know which way to go?"

"Don't you know? Argonians always follow water," replied the more experienced guard, "You should trust the captain. You know, he's been captain for fifteen years and not once has a slave escaped his clutches."

Glavinis held up a hand. The search party became instantly quiet. He bent down and examined a leaf. Fresh blood. He signalled with his finger the direction that the trail indicated and unslung his bow. They were close now. Silently the troop made their way through the forest. As they continued on, they noticed that the trail was becoming more and more defined. All but the very worst tracker would be able to find the slave now. It must have been badly injured. The trail ended in a clearing and a surprising sight. It wasn't an Argonian the searchers met but a bloody and badly wounded Dunmer, dressed in the bonemold armour of a plantation guard. One of the guards brought out a potion and forced a drop between the pale lips of the dieing guard.

"He might live," the Dunmer said, "but only if we can get him to a healer."

Glavinis thought for a moment. He had never let a slave go in his life, but the life of a Dunmer was worth thousands of slaves.

"Alright then. We make for the plantation."

Little did they know that if they had only looked around them they would have found a slave as well. For up in a tree was the very Argonian they were looking for.


Publicus sat under a tree in the field for a well-deserved brake, a luxury he wouldn't normally have had. In the week since the uprising the slaves had continued to bring in the harvest. After that bloody night when the slaves bought their freedom with tooth and nail, they had decided to go on living at the plantation, which they thought of as compensation for the years of hardship they'd endured. Lakene strolled up and handed Publicus a bottle of Mazte.

"Beautiful day isn't it," he said, stretching out beside Publicus, "It's funny, but I don't think we've ever harvested the fields in such quick time."

"It's amazing what a full belly and a high heart can do," Publicus replied, just as a Khajiit slave by the name Ra'Joshur ran up.

"Jeroird tell Ra'Joshur to get Publicus," the Khajiit said, "Something about strange Argonian."

As Publicus got up, he shot a glance at Lakene. The Redguard shrugged, he knew less about this then Publicus did. He followed the Khajiit through the fields to the manor. Inside the manor, which along with the former guard's barracks had been converted into a living area for the slaves, Jeroird sat with an Argonian slave, who stood as Publicus entered.

"I am Okaw-Geis, which is Quick Claw in your language. I have an important message for you, Sera."

"Call me Publicus. We have no lords here."

"Thank you Sera Publicus," the Argonian continued, "I was a slave at the plantation across the forest. I escaped from there a week ago and was hunted by a group of guards from the plantation. They came close to catching me, but I managed to get away. However, while they were searching for me they came across a wounded Dunmer guard. He looked pretty bad; cuts and wounds everywhere. I thought he was dead, but one of those Dunmer gave him a potion. He got better after that. He started talking to those Dunmer, talking about this place, talking about the uprising, Sera. The sick elf told them everything, including a very good description of Jeroird and of you, friend. He said that you were the leaders of the rebellion. Anyway the search party's leader was really interested by his story, and he said he would tell his master about it."

Publicus looked at Jeroird. He looked concerned.

"What does this mean?" he asked.

"It means that you and your comrades are in great danger, Sera."