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Found in the following locations:
The Book of Lamentations
A collection of old lamentations

One small bird has called thee
From a beak streaked crimson.
It cried once over Nerevar
and thou went forth into Oblivion.

-The Lament for Nerevar

"This rocky shrine to the skull of a ruler grants no prayers. It has become the dusty grave of lamentations. Only the wind hears the voice of this place. The cries of night creatures and the passing wonder of two moons, all say his day has ended. This lonely reliquary is the final testament to his expired glory. No more supplicants come. The visitors have gone from the feast, the meadhall flame has been extinguished. How bare the pathway down this mountain."

-Inscription at a Tongue's grave

"Nature's beauteous form
Contains a lovely essence
Called by some- decay.
By this lovely presence
New life finds its way.
Tears shed silently
Are but water of the soul:
They bring new life
To the pain of being
A separation from that seeing
Which makes death whole."

-An old Reguard [sic] proverb

"He bore us to this place
Guided by prophecy.
Eyes shown, ferocity
Guided by their grace.

Over mountain-peak
And shifting valley
To this land we seek
Of ashen sky and rolling sea.
Our hearth,
Our home.

A darkening sin
Slips us from his path
And we fall away,
our skin no more.

We are
not his pride
We are
His shame."

-Lament for the failure to Veloth, unknown author

" . . . Will the Nerevarine ever come to our people? We, who have suffered injustice after injustice at the hands of the False Gods and their corrupted servants? They are naught by n'wah, they are nothing even to guar filth, but they commit heinous crimes against Veloth's true people and go unpunished! Has Azura abandoned her people, left them to the vicious teeth of the profane man-god? It seems we are a people forsaken even by their own gods . . ."

-The voice of an Ashlander, after the failure of Peakstar

The fourth child was small,
too small,
and her litter-mates knew
as all Khajiit children
she would die,
lasting no longer this

I left her alone,
too small,
I left her as her
Palatial little-one,
now into the

-Khajiit mother to her daughter